Datacenter Care Flexible Capacity

HP Flexible Capacity (FC) delivers a Public Cloud experience, with the benefits of on-premise IT. Get the ease of start-up, flexible pricing models, pay-per-use, scalability, and flexible usage for compute, storage, networking and software infrastructure. And gain the benefits of staying on-premise or using a hybrid delivery model: retain control & security, include legacy workloads, reduce latency, manage data location, and maintain an enterprise-grade support experience. Flexible Capacity supports HP hardware and software, and other manufacturer’s systems.

Flexible Capacity is ready for your workloads

Offer your workloads as a service. Now Flexible Capacity supports HP ConvergedSystem for SAP Hana, so that you can keep your critical processes and data on premises, but have the flexibility and agility that you need. And you should have your resources available without seams - no barriers between using on-premises IT and public cloud resources. Now you can. Flexible Capacity can include resources in the HP Helion Public Cloud as part of the pool of available capacity for you to tap into.

If you are a service provider, you need flexible business solutions designed to improve revenue streams and time-to-market. HP Flexible Capacity gives you the ability to expand or shrink costs with your customers’ usage, without using capital. You can drive operational efficiency, thanks to the Datacenter Care features that are part of the Flexible Capacity.



Cash: Pay for what you use

  • Conserve capital
  • Optimized to usage – don’t overprovision
  • Pay per use, match cash flows to usage


Capacity: Time-to-market

  • Elastic – provision more capacity in minutes, not weeks
  • Unlimited – refreshed as it is used


Confidence: Enterprise-quality support

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Build IT stability


Control: On premises when you need it

  • Legacy workloads
  • Privacy
  • Latency
  • Sovereignty

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Scott Ramsay who can bring his skills, knowledge and experience to help you align service levels with business needs to de-fuse downtime, improve processes, and create flexible capacity to accelerate your business growth.


Build capacity ahead of demand