Challenging Times

Health and Human Services agencies are facing greater challenges today than ever before, and the current outlook suggests those challenges will continue well into the future. Today more than ever before, governments must be focused on managing a growing demand for services while optimizing budgets and improving the quality of their services.

Governments need to find new and effective ways to deal with:

  • Optimizing resources
  • Growing demand for public program services
  • Increasing cost of care delivery
  • Improving outcomes and quality of healthcare services

These conditions are further complicated by the fact that governments operate in an environment that is fragmented by political, economic and cultural concerns. How is it possible to transition to more effective processes and technology that can deliver better healthcare value while immersed in a complex and changing environment?

As policymakers continue to expand coverage and improve care access and delivery, extensive changes are often needed to improve care and control costs for all. Whether providing services for patients or providers; civilians, members of the military, or veterans; old or young, government must focus on effectively managing and exchanging information to improve care and patient outcomes, reduce costs, and manage increasing demands for faster, more efficient services.