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In many enterprises, IT is on the defensive, reacting to problems and putting out fires. But what if you could turn the tables and make your IT department a proactive force that creates solutions and guides the company into the future?

Now you can. Built on a foundation of OpenStack technology, HP Helion boosts your organization's productivity, so you can make the most of your IT budget and give your developers the power to deploy new applications faster than ever. All while keeping your data as available and secure as it should be.


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More and more enterprises are using cloud solutions to deliver strategic elements of their business, from SaaS-based business intelligence applications to externally facing customer engagement platforms.

- Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption

1. "Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption", Forrester Research, Inc., September 2014

HP Helion makes an impact
We have already helped numerous companies get more out of their cloud. View these real case studies, and see how we can make you more agile, open, and secure, too.

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HP has also helped the following businesses enhance their cloud capabilities and achieve their operational objectives.


Explore Forrester’s “Top 10 Facts Every Tech Manager
Should Know About Private Cloud.” Listen to our
guest Forrester Senior Analyst Lauren Nelson discuss cloud
washing and other topics with Bobby Patrick, HP Cloud CMO.

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