Press Release: 09. May 2012

HP Expands Thin and Light Collection with New Ultrabook Systems and Sleekbooks

SHANGHAI -- HPtodayexpandedits award-winning notebook portfolio with thin andlightUltrabook™systems and Sleekbooks packed with thelatesttechnologies for bothconsumer and business demands.

New additions totheHPcollection include:

  • The HP ENVY SpectreXT is anultramobilepremiumUltrabook that delivers an overall premiumexperiencewithextraordinary design and performance.
  • Offering both style and substance, HP ENVY Sleekbooks andHPENVYUltrabook systems provide the ultimateentertainmentexperience in14-inch and 15.6-inch diagonal displayoptions.
  • The enterprise-ready HP EliteBook Folio 9470m was builtfromtheground up to be everything a business Ultrabook should be,withthesecurity, manageability and reliability featuresITdemands.

“Building on thesuccessofthe HP Folio13 and HP ENVY14Spectre, wearenow offering the most comprehensive Ultrabookportfolio intheindustry,” said James Mouton, senior vice presidentandgeneralmanager, Personal Computer Global Business Unit, HP.“Ourexpandedportfolio of HP Ultrabook systems and HP Sleekbooksforbothconsumers and businesses deliversuncompromisedperformance,quality and entertainment experienceswithindistinctivedesigns.”

“The Ultrabook is quickly becoming the must-have solutionforanyonewho wants performance, responsiveness and asecurecomputingexperience in a thin, elegant form factor,” saidKirkSkaugen, vicepresident and general manager, PC Client Group,Intel.“HP’simpressive line-up of consumer and businessUltrabooksdeliveracross the board.”

The HP ENVY SpectreXT, HPENVY Sleekbooks , HPENVYUltrabook systems and the HPEliteBook Folio join the HP thinandlight portfolio, which alsoincludes the recently introducedandaward-winning HPFolio13 and HPENVY14Spectre.

The new HPENVYnotebooksalso boast exclusive HP Innovations for anenhanceduserexperience:

  • Beats Audio™—a high-performance technology developed byHPandBeats by Dr. Dre—delivers big sound in a small package,whileHPCoolSense technology automatically adjusts performanceandinternalfan settings for a noticeably cooler PC.
  • HP Imagepad provides precise multifinger touchandgesturenavigation, and the HP TrueVision HD Webcam producesbright,cleanhigh-definition (HD) images.(1)
  • Optional backlit keyboards are ideal for computinginlow-lightconditions.

Thinner design. Smarter than ever.

Built with a mixofpremiummaterials, the HP ENVY SpectreXT boastsanall-metaldesign with stark lines that contrast with a softtexture.Craftedfor mobility, the HP SpectreXT measures 14.5millimeters(mm) thin,weighs 3.07 pounds(2) and includesa13.3-inchHD(1) diagonal display with a slim bezelline.It alsoincludes 128 gigabytes (GB) of solidstatestorage(3))and up to eight hours ofbatterylife.(4)) A full arrayof ports, includingGigabitEthernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI, providemore ways to networkwithoutcompromising size.

The HP SpectreXT supplies the speed users need, with supportofanultrafast mSATA solid state drive(3) andIntel®RapidStart Technology(5)) allowing for quick bootandresumetimes.

Powered by the latest Intel Core™ processors,(6)theHPSpectreXT also includes IntelSmartConnectTechnology,(7) which automatically updatesemailwhilethe notebook is in sleep mode.

The HP SpectreXT offers aperformance-tunedsoftwareimage, full versions of Adobe Photoshop®Elements 10 andAdobePremiere Elements 10. A concierge phone linefor technicalsupportis dedicated exclusively to HP ENVY Spectreusers.

To safeguard confidential data and thwart cyber threats,theHPSpectreXT is preloaded with one year ofAbsoluteDataProtect; two years of Norton InternetSecurity;(8)andIntel Identity Protection,(9)which providesadvancedsecurity.

Designed for rich audio quality, the HPSpectreXTfeaturesBeats Audio over quad speakers and viathe headphonejack.

HP ENVY. Up for anything.
As thin as 19.8 mm and starting at less than4pounds,(2)the new HP ENVY notebooks featureasoft-touch, slip-resistant basein black or red, making them easytograb and go.

The HP ENVY Ultrabook, available in 14- and15.6-inchdiagonaldisplay sizes,(10) includes the latestIntelCoreprocessors(6) and offers up to eight or ninehoursofbattery life,(4) respectively. TheUltrabooksystemsinclude an mSATA solid state drive(3)along withIntelRapid Start,(5) IntelIdentityProtectionTechnology,(9) IntelSmartResponse(11) andIntel SmartConnecttechnologies.(7)

The HP ENVY Sleekbook—available with either a14-inchdiagonaldisplay and the latest Intel Coreprocessors,(6)or a15.6-inch diagonal display and thelatest AMDAcceleratedProcessing Units (APU)—boasts up to eight ornine hoursof batterylife,(4) respectively. With optionaldiscretegraphicson Intel platforms and discrete-class graphics fromAMD onAMDplatforms, users can create and edit videos quicklyandexperienceincredible gaming and multimedia.

In addition to Beats Audio, the ENVY Sleekbooks andUltrabooksystemscontain dual speakers and a subwoofer for moviesand musicthat lookand sound their best. The HP Imagepad alsoincludes aspun finishdesign.

The design users crave with features ITdemands.Nocompromises.

The new HPEliteBookFolio9470m is the first HP Ultrabook to provide astylish,lightweightdesign without compromising its enterprisefeatures.Measuring 14inches diagonally and weighing3.6pounds,(2) this19-mm-thin Ultrabook offers a fullarrayof key ports andconnectivity options for business users,includingoptional built-in4G wireless WAN, full-sized Ethernet,VGA,DisplayPort and USB 3.0connections.

Ideal for mobile professionals who spend a majority of timeawayfroma desk, the HP EliteBook Folio offers all-day battery lifetoget youthrough the business day(4) and the option forasecondarybattery that provides extended freedom from thepoweroutlet. It alsofeatures a user-replaceable battery.Theenterprise-class dockingcapability provides multidisplaysupport,integrated chargingcapability, and additional USB andlegacy portsfor enhancedproductivity when used at the desk.

The HP EliteBook Folio delivers a cleaner, fasteruserexperiencewith the HP Premier Image.(12) Thisincludesthe fullset of HP EliteBook business softwareandantivirusprotection—without trial-ware ordisruptivenotifications.

It also offers enterprise-class manageability andmultilevelsecurityfeatures, including HP BiosProtection,(13)which keepssystems running with enhancedprotection against virusattacks andother threats.

The HP EliteBook Folio features an optionalsolidstatedrive(3) the Windows7Professional(4)operating system that enable quickbootup. The Ultrabook’sthird-generation Intel CorevPro™processor(14) alsodelivers intelligent performancewithembedded security.AdditionalIT-friendly features includeanintegrated Smart Card reader,fingerprint reader, embeddedTPMsecurity chip and choice ofmanagement tools.

The HP EliteBook Folio is part of the HP Global SeriesProgram,whichmeans it’s available in consistent globalconfigurations thatallowfor product standardization in up to 151countriesworldwide.

The sleek HP SpectreXT and HP ENVY Ultrabookalsodeliverconfigurations equipped with Windows 7 Professionalforbusinessproductivity, providing an answer to the“consumerizationof IT”trend. The HP SpectreXTadditionally offers anembeddedTPM security chip that protects datain email as well asinformationon the solid state drive forsecurity-conscious users.BothUltrabook systems, including the smallbusiness-focused HPENVY Pro,also feature a-band wirelesscapabilities and optionalthree-yearlimited warranties.

To help ensure a safe and reliable computingexperienceforcustomers, all HP Ultrabook systems worldwide willshipwithgenuine Windows.

Pricing and availability(15)

  • The HP ENVY SpectreXT is expected to be available intheUnitedStates on June 8 with a starting price of $999.99.
  • The HP ENVY Ultrabook systems with 14-inch and15.6-inchdisplaysizes are expected to be available in the UnitedStates onMay 9with starting prices of $749.99 and$799.99,respectively.
  • The HP ENVY Sleekbook with 14-inch display size is expectedtobeavailable in the United States on May 9 with a startingpriceof$699.99. The HP 15.6-inch Sleekbook is expected to beavailableinthe United States on June 20 with a startingpriceof$599.99.
  • The HP EliteBook Folio 9470m is expected to be availableintheUnited States in October.

(1)HDcontentrequired to view HD images.
(2) Weight will vary by configuration.
(3) For SSD drive, 1 GB = 1 billionbytes.Actualformatted capacity is less. Up to 30 GB of system diskisreservedfor system-recovery software.
(4) Battery life will vary depending ontheproductmodel, configuration, loaded applications, features,use,wirelessfunctionality and power-management settings. Themaximumcapacityof the battery will naturally decrease with timeandusage.Additional details are available atMobileMark07batterybenchmark.
(5) Requires a compatible Intel Coreprocessor,Intelsoftware and BIOS update, and optional Solid StateDrive (SSD)ormSATA flash cache module. Depending onsystemconfiguration,results may vary.
(6) Multi-Core is designed to improveperformanceofcertain software products. Not all customersorsoftwareapplications will necessarily benefit from use ofthistechnology.64-bit computing on Intel architecture requiresacomputer systemwith a processor, chipset, BIOS, operatingsystem,device drivers,and applications enabled for Intel 64architecture.Processors willnot operate (including 32-bitoperation) without anIntel 64architecture-enabled BIOS. Performancewill vary dependingonhardware and software configurations. Intel’snumbering is notameasurement of higher performance.
(7) Requires Intel Core processor. Wirelessaccesspointand internet are required and not included. Availabilityofpublicwireless access points limited.
(8) Internet access required. Subscriptionrequiredforlive updates.
(9) Intel IPT security requires aseparatelypurchasedSymantec VIP software service subscription andmust beactivatedand configured. Requires a website that usesSymantecVIPAuthentication Service. Requires Microsoft® Windows® andasystemwith vPro or any Ultrabook. Intel and HP assume noliabilityforlost or stolen data and/or systems or any otherdamagesresultingtherefrom.
(10) The commercial HP ENVY Ultrabook offersonly14-inchdiagonal form factor.
(11) Requires a compatible Intel Coreprocessor,enabledchipset, Intel Rapid Storage technology softwareand aproperlyconfigured hybrid drive (non-SED HDD + optional mSATASSDflashcache). Intel Smart Response Technology is only availableonselect2012 HP systems. Depending on system configuration,resultsmayvary.
(12) Internet access required. Use of theHPimagerequired. Opt in required to receive updatesfromMicrosoftSecurity Essentials.
(13) Requires an HP Tools partition; must notbedeletedto use automatic recovery.
(14) Some functionality of this technology, suchasIntelActive management technology and IntelVirtualizationtechnology,requires additional third-party softwarein order torun.Availability of future “virtual appliances”applications forIntelvPro technology is dependent on third-partysoftwareproviders.Microsoft Windows required.
(15) Estimated U.S. street prices. Actualpricesmayvary. Intel, Intel Core, and Ultrabook are trademarksofIntelCorporation in the U.S. and other countries. AdobeandPhotoshopare trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. AMD isatrademark ofAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. Microsoft and WindowsareU.S.registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

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