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Mobile load: Performance testing for mobile applications- Business white paper

This paper reviews key mobile trends and analyzes how performance testers must change their testing methodologies to ensure they are accounting for the changes caused by mobile usage. (627 KB)
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How are you ensuring your application performance in the mobile age regarding testing, bandwidth, hops across the sky, and fail-safes? With these questions in mind, learn how to adapt your performance testing methodologies to incorporate the mobile sphere.

Research shows that 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use by the end of 2013, couple that with the 197 million tablets and you can guarantee your customers are going to need to be reached through their mobile devices. Requiring their own set of testing requirements, mobile application performance solutions need to support multiple devices with accurate load emulation and fast turnaround time. With the HP mobile performance testing solution–HP LoadRunner & HP Performance Center software including HP TruClient technology–your mobile performance can thrive.

Table of contents
The mobile application wave
A new set of challenges
So is mobile performance testing really different?
The HP solution
HP Services