Eliminate bottlenecks and double VM density—guaranteed

Get increased virtualization performance with HP 3PAR StoreServ

Increase virtual machine density by 2x on your existing servers when you migrate to HP 3PAR StoreServ—guaranteed.* If not, HP will make up the difference with free disk capacity and related software and support.

HP 3PAR StoreServ is the only storage platform that offers a VM density guarantee.

HP Get Virtual Guarantee Brochure (PDF, 320 KB)


Free virtualization storage assessment

Do you know how to eliminate the storage bottlenecks that limit virtualization performance?

Get a FREE storage assessment from HP that includes:

  • Identification of virtualization bottlenecks
  • Analysis of CPU and memory resource usage
  • Performance I/O and latency measurement
Learn how HP 3PAR StoreServ can double your VM density – guaranteed.
2:16 minutes

Our customers around the world rely on HP StoreServ Storage to double their VM density and eliminate virtualization performance bottlenecks.


“Since moving to HP 3PAR Utility Storage, we’ve doubled our storage utilization.”
—Ken Kirchoff, priceline.com
Priceline.com case study (PDF, 528 KB)


“We get 10-fold or more IOPS out of a fully populated HP 3PAR array than we could get out of a fully populated equivalent EMC CLARiiON array.”
– Shahin Pirooz, CenterBeam, Inc.
Centerbeam case study (PDF, 862KB)


“The number of physical servers has been cut dramatically, significantly improving resource utilization and lowering the cost of server hardware.”
– Liu Fan, Peking University People’s Hospital
Peking University casse study (PDF, 926 KB)