Software-defined storage is shared storage deployed as software. It’s a way for your business applications and underlying storage services to share hardware resources. Converging applications and storage on the same platform improves utilization rates of compute power and storage with power, cooling, and data center footprint efficiency.

The HP VSA (virtual storage appliance) software family accelerates the convergence of servers and storage to bring you:

  • Agility—through seamless data mobility across heterogeneous hardware and hypervisors
  • Efficiency and cost reduction—by leveraging existing hardware resources
  • Simplicity—as you eliminate complex dedicated storage administration

Enhanced—HP StoreVirtual VSA

StoreVirtual VSA is an agile, scalable shared storage solution that can help reduce storage costs by up to 80%. This affordable solution has a 6-year proven track record—and now features sub-volume tiering automation to optimize performance and cost for dynamic workloads. Flexible new product offerings range from 4-to-50 TB capacity.
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HP StoreOnce VSA

StoreOnce VSA is a hardware-independent deduplicating and replicating backup solution. This software-based solution dramatically lowers the cost of protecting data, particularly for midsize companies and large enterprises.
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Put HP VSAs up against any software-defined technology in your IT environment, and may the best approach to data storage win.


Unlock your server’s capacity with free storage

Now available as a free download with our most popular HP ProLiant servers, HP StoreVirtual VSA provides shared storage for your entire virtualized infrastructure without increasing costs – or footprint.

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