Reduce the cost and complexity of backup with HP StoreOnce – Guaranteed!

Move from your legacy storage backup system to any HP StoreOnce Backup solution and HP guarantees that you’ll reduce the amount of your stored backup data by 95%* or we'll make up the difference with free disk capacity and support.

What’s the first step?

Get a free backup assessment to identify problem areas in your backup environment and see how HP StoreOnce can help solve them.

Why choose HP?

HP StoreOnce Backup addresses the needs of small to midsize businesses, large enterprises, remote offices and Cloud Service Providers by overcoming the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies.

  • Fast—Meet shrinking backup windows and challenging RTO/RPO commitments
  • Flexible—Dedupe and replicate backup from anywhere to anywhere
  • Federated—Single deduplication engine deployed anywhere—no need for data rehydration

*As compared to a fully hydrated backup. Subject to customer qualification and compliance with the Get Protected Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which will be provided to you by your HP Sales or Channel Partner representative.

How well do you know your backup environment? Are you confident you have the right data backed up, for the right period of time, and can you get it back in the event of a disaster?

Request a free assessment of your current backup environment from HP and learn if you qualify for the guarantee. You’ll receive a detailed backup efficiency report that includes:

  • Your top 15 backup jobs by run time
  • Queue times for jobs waiting to run
  • Data retention timeframes
  • Estimated space saving by data type

Sample backup assessment reports: (click for larger versions)

Overall data reduction through deduplication


Daily backups by application


Total backup by data type


Get your free backup assessment

See how HP StoreOnce customers around the world have overcome the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies.

Carmike Cinemas

“We are currently using about seven terabytes of the 36 terabytes available, but we have 121 terabytes of actual data stored on that 7 terabytes.”
—Ron Connelly, Senior LAN Administrator

Carmike Cinemas case study (PDF, 711 KB)

Telenor Serbia

“The administration and management is so simple that all of my colleagues involved in the project are also administrators, without needing any specific training. There is nothing simpler.”
— Bosko Djordjevic, head of ICT infrastructure management office

Telenor Serbia case study (PDF, 1.35 MB)

Ceridian Stored Value Solutions

“With the HP StoreOnce Backup System, restoring a file is nearly instantaneous. There’s also virtually no hands-on required with this system, which allows our IT staff to spend more time on projects that help us grow and be more profitable rather than just managing technology.”
— Greg Bohn, Director, Non-stop Computing

Ceridian case study (PDF, 324KB)

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