Resilient shared storage

Try out the software-defined storage that is built into HPE Hyper-converged Systems. Download HPE StoreVirtual VSA today, and activate your free 3-year license.

Get Your Free 1TB VSA

Why software-defined storage?

Administrators with variable workloads need the kind of agility, flexibility, and cost-effective data protection that software-defined storage (SDS) delivers. A software-defined approach—where storage resides inside servers or hyper-converged appliances—creates an agile, scalable, highly available infrastructure that can rapidly change as business requirements change.

Free downloads

The SDS inside HPE Hyper-converged and StoreOnce appliances is available for you to try for free. Set up storage for remote offices, repurpose older servers to create a test/dev storage environment, or tap into the power of new Intel-based servers and faster, higher capacity disks to cost-optimize your virtual infrastructure without increasing IT footprint.

How to Buy

HPE software-defined storage is available for purchase through your HPE representative and qualified resellers.
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Go hyper-converged
If you need more capacity and processing power, consider an HPE Hyper-converged 250 System. This pre-configured appliance includes up to four HPE ProLiant servers and StoreVirtual VSA licenses in each compact 2U appliance, and can be deployed in less than 15 minutes. Contact your reseller or your HPE representative for details.

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