Has your data center become an inflexible, monolithic, hard-wired, under-utilized collection of systems and complex processes that require excessive manpower to operate? The HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server family based on a blade design, a common network fabric, comprehensive cross-domain control and advanced power and cooling management delivers the next generation of mainframe replacements. HP Converged Infrastructure delivers consolidation, modernization, shared services and business continuity initiatives by simplifying, consolidating and automating everything from the start.

It provides mission-critical scalability and reliability for the most demanding applications and workloads, while supporting up to thirty-two 8 or 4 core Intel® Itanium® processors. The Superdome 2 Server supports up to 8 TB of memory and has ECC and built-in redundancy, helping you take advantage of the performance benefits of Itanium processors.

What's new

  • Intel Itanium 9500 processor series available with low-voltage 16 GB memory modules.


Converged Infrastructure for the Most Demanding Environments

The HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server provides a common modular infrastructure based on a blade design, which is a smarter and reliable way to support all of your vital applications.

A common network fabric, provides a simple, flexible way to connect systems to any network on-the-fly.

Comprehensive cross-domain control, automates operations to increase productivity and enhance utilization. Crossbar fabric is both flexible and fault tolerant, which significantly boosts infrastructure reliability.

Advanced power and cooling management controls energy usage and increases efficiency in real time under any workload.

Mission-critical Design for Your Data Center

The HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server delivers a unified blade architecture, from X86 to Superdome 2, using 4 or 8 core Intel Itanium processors.

Gives you a highly resilient, modular bladed platform supporting up to 8 TB of memory with double-chip spare, ECC, and built-in redundancy.

Provides virtual fabric that can rapidly scale up, scale out and scale within, with up to 96 PCIe slots with 32 10 GbE ports.

BladeSystem Efficiency

The HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server has common components used throughout, allowing customers to transition to latest technology with ease.

The standard rack form is designed to fit into your data center environment.

The crossbar fabric allows scaling, so that I/O can scale independent of processors.

Power-on-once is a complete resiliency framework which keeps the system up and running without needing tools or powering down the system.

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