IMC User Authentication Manager (UAM) software is an IMC module that supports user identity authentication based on the access policies associated with infrastructure resources, such as routers, switches, and servers. UAM software extends management to wired, wireless, and remote network users, enabling the integration, correlation, and collaboration of network device management and user management on a single unified platform.        



Centralized access user management: provides centralized policy creation to set the appropriate access rights for each type of user and device across the network; access-user-related management functions are integrated into a user-friendly interface for easy operation; user management includes authentication binding policy, security policy, and access control policy; additionally, policies can be set for concurrent sessions and proxy servers
Centralized resource management of devices and users: provides centralized maintenance of basic user information, such as name, contact information, and user group; this supplemental information function allows user data to be customized as needed, such as student ID and grade for campus networks, or department and title for enterprise networks. Also supports multiple instances of the HP Intelligent Management Center User Access Management (UAM) Software under a single IMC Platform instance.
Endpoint identity: provides identification of all endpoints across the network with centralized access policies; the module leverages existing user directories and groups, including support for Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS; in addition to user name credentials, smart card and certificate authentication are supported; an administrator can set devices/users into roles for specifying access levels; in addition, UAM administrators can be assigned to set policies only for specific roles
Device fingerprinting: network-agnostic device fingerprinting capabilities based on HTTP+MAC+DHCP device recognition
Auto-MAC registration: Simple Network Access Control (SNAC) enhanced with auto-MAC registration capabilities

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