Introducing GlancePlus and GlancePlus Pak

HP GlancePlus enables you to easily examine system activities, identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, and tune your system for more efficient operations.

HP GlancePlus Pak combines the real-time diagnostic capabilities of HP GlancePlus with HP Performance Agent software for historical data collection and analysis.


Visibility and Control

Multi-screen and multi-page display with consistency across platforms. Grouping, sorting and filtering of performance metrics across applications, process and threads.

Faster Diagnostics

Drill-down approach to troubleshoot with rules-based diagnostics and threshold-based alarming capabilities.

Wide Coverage

System performance data collection across Disk, CPU, Filesystem, Application, Memory, Process transactions and System calls.

Virtualization Ready

Running on host displays VM performance statistics for VMware, KVM/XEN, HPVM, Solaris Zones and AIX.

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