Comprehensive reputation data for accurate protection

HP Reputation Digital Vaccine provides security intelligence feeds from a global reputation database so you can actively enforce and manage reputation based security policies. Host data is collected from the HP ThreatLinQ global intelligence network, HP DVLabs malware repository and honey pot network, 3rd party commercial sources and open source black lists. Your HP TippingPoint NGIPS, acts as an enforcement point, inspecting traffic in real-time and enforcing Rep DV security policies—so you can block known bad traffic at your network perimeter.


Key features

  • Block malware, spyware, worms, Spam, phishing emails and Trojans
  • Block DDoS and Web application attacks from known botnet-compromised hosts
  • Detect bot infected hosts on yoru network and block data before it leaks out
  • Block drive-by downloads of malware from known malware depots
  • Tune policy according to threat category, reputation score and threat origin

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