Customized protection for your web applications

The news is filled with stories about businesses losing customer account data or having their sites defaced by attacks via web applications. HP WebAppDV can help you make sure that your company is not the next headline. Unlike traditional web application firewalls, which must learn traffic patterns to provide accurate protection, HP WebAppDV scans individual applications to see where they need protection, and then builds targeted filters to provide it. These filters can be deployed immediately, with no risk of blocking legitimate traffic.


Key features

  • Identify security vulnerabilities quickly and accurately
  • Deploy targeted protection with web application firewall filters built and automatically delivered by HP DVLabs
  • Combine WebAppDV with HP TippingPoint SSL Appliance to inspect encrypted traffic
  • Use the solution as a one-stop shop for PCI compliance
  • Simplify management and increase visibility with DV filters deployed as traditional TippingPoint NGIPS filters

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