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To help you choose the right software for your organizations we provide our industry-leading SaaS products for evaluation. These products are offered on-demand and provide you the ability to log in and quickly experience the power of HP. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Cloud Software products
Agile Manager
A SaaS-based solution for organizing, planning and executing Agile projects
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Application Performance Management on SaaS
Ready-to-use APM (formerly BAC) that provides flexible services options—focus on the business, not on software
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BAC Anywhere
Application monitoring offsite while leveraging on-premise investment to fully assess business service health
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Fortify on Demand
Scan, assess and report on the security of your applications
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HP Anywhere
An innovative mobile application development platform designed to mobilize the enterprise, connecting users on their device of choice
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Measure the performance and availability of your Internet-based applications before they impact end-user experience
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Performance Center on SaaS
The business benefits of the cloud for performance testing with subscription-based licensing
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Quality Center on SaaS
Quality management that’s secure, cost-effective and subscription-based for efficient, fast time to value
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Service Anywhere
A feature-rich, SaaS-based service desk that is quick to deploy, easy to use, and simple to maintain
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Free software for download

We provide many of our industry-leading products for free. You can download and install the following software products and experience the difference of HP. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Freemium Software products
ArcSight Logger 5.30
Universal log management solution for collecting machine data from any log generating source that unify searching, storing, and analysis.
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Big Data Performance Visualization
A standalone tool for visualizing Hadoop cluster and Vertica Analytics database performance. The continuously refreshing tree-map derives trends in performance.
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Diagnostics Profiler 9.21
Monitors application transaction health in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments—allowing quick isolation and resolution of issues.
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Health Playback for Virtual Systems
This tool shows the health history of the virtual machines (VMs) in a datacenter for the past week as a one minute movie clip of changing heatmap patterns.
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Host/URL Checker
Now you can constantly monitor the availability of your most important systems or web based services. Use this tool to monitor an IP address or a URL.
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Network Device Configuration Inspector for Windows 2.00
Automate the backup of your device configurations to a version control system.
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Network Flow Analytics
Measure your network traffic effortlessly with the HP Network Flow Analysis utility and extend your network monitoring capability beyond checking your network interfaces for utilization and errors.
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Network Port Scanner
Scan devices for open and used ports at a blazing rate with HP Network Port Scanner. With an easy-to-use UI, this tool helps you view the status of ports on scanned devices and enables you to export the data into a CSV file.
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NNMi Freemium
This single pane-of-glass network view ties fault, availability and performance monitoring through a unified and cohesive network management console.
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Ping your Network
Ping each host in a given network and retrieve reachability and hostnames for network devices on any subnet. No need to depend on or build your own scripts. This tool provides its own UI.
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Sitescope 11.22
Remote monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications without installing any software on target systems.
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System Process Visualizer
View your running processes and biggest memory/CPU consumers using a unique visualization of processes in the form of a word-cloud with 10 second updates.
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User Registrations Viewer for Microsoft Lync
This utility provides a detailed "dashboard" for admins permitting them to quickly inventory Lync users and at the same time providing data on client versions, physical server connections of users, registrar pool information and lots more.
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Virtualization Performance Viewer 1.20
Web-based analysis and visualization tool that analyzes performance trends of elements in virtualized environments
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VM Reporter
Save time using HP VM Reporter to list the Datacenters, ESX Hosts, Virtual Machines, Virtual Switches, and Distributed Virtual Switches that are managed by a specified VMware vCenter Server.
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To help you choose the right software for your organizations we provide many of our industry-leading products for evaluation. You can download and install the following software products and experience the difference of HP. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Most popular software evaluations
Application Lifecycle Management 12.00
A unified software platform for accelerating the delivery of secure, reliable, modern applications
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Data Protector 8.10
Simplified application protection in virtual or physical environments via unified recovery and automation
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LoadRunner 12.00
Performance-testing software that helps identify and analyze bottlenecks for a variety of applications
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NNMi 9.20 Windows
Scaling to any environment, unified polling, single configuration point and a common console reduce your costs
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Operations Analytics 1.0 (powered by ArcSight Logger)
Intelligence based on correlation of events and topology across data collected across disparate sources including logs, machine and performance datan
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Operations Orchestration 9.00
Reduction of operational costs, errors, downtime and risk of non-compliance by automating IT tasks and processesn
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Quality Center 12.00
Achieve consistent IT quality management processes and software quality assurance
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Server Automation Standard (Virtual Appliance) 10.00
An industry-leading full server lifecycle management solution that is supported from traditional data center to cloud
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SiteScope 11.20
Remote monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications without installing any software on target systems
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Unified Functional Testing 12.00
Combining HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) and HP Service Test into a single integrated solution
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WebInspect 10.10
Thoroughly analyze complex web applications and services
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Application Lifecycle ManagementApplication Lifecycle Management

Use these products to help you predictably manage business-critical applications for agility, quality, and simplicity — across the lifecycle.

Automation and OrchestrationAutomation and Orchestration

Maximize operational efficiency using intelligent automation and performance management across global, heterogeneous environments

Big Data and AnalyticsBig Data and Analytics

Protect data, speed recovery, and reduce complexity, cost and risk in virtual or physical environments with these downloads.

Business Service Management (BSM)Business Service Management (BSM)

These products will help you gain predictive and actionable insight into application performance and system health

Cloud Management and AutomationCloud Management and Automation

Automate IT tasks, Orchestrate IT processes and Transform service delivery using these products.

Enterprise SecurityEnterprise Security

Measure and manage the risks associated with business processes, identify and fix your security vulnerabilities using these products.

Service and Portfolio ManagementService and Portfolio Management

These products will help you maximize efficiency using intelligent automation and performance management across heterogeneous environments.

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