Comprehensive, powerful, economic log management

Logs provide vital insight into the operations of IT services and the components that support them. Yet, exploiting distributed logs is time consuming, and use of home grown tools is inadequate to tackle the current challenges that IT teams face today.

Now with HP Operations Log Intelligence (OLI), IT operations teams can rapidly gain access to all logs from a single Solution, automating collection and archiving, industry-leading powerful search mechanisms, allowing IT operations to perform faster triage and improve IT service levels.

Key features

  • Comprehensive collection: More than 30 IT Operations connectors and growing
  • Data enrichment to simplify analysis: Common Event Format simplifies log data
  • Unmatched performance: Uses Industry Leading Arcsight Logger technologies
  • Enterprise scalability: Powerful Compression and Indexing with fast retrieval
  • Integration with HP and third-party IT operations management

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