Servicios de implementación

Our Consolidation and Migration Services experts will test, integrate and deploy the changes recommended for your data center. If needed, they will relocate your data center to the optimum location in the most painless way possible. The experts will maintain mission critical processes so your company doesn't miss a beat. Once the consolidation or migration is complete, they will transfer knowledge of the new system to your IT department and allow your company to run at its best possible pace. Or, if you choose, contract HP experts to educate your staff and continuously support your operations with Multivendor Support Services.

Meet the Expert

Comuníquese con nuestros expertos en tecnología HP, como Frank Bloch, que probarán, integrarán e implementarán los cambios recomendados para su centro de datos.

Servicios de migración y consolidación de TI


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Servicios de migración y consolidación de TI