The Move to Modularity in Support of Business Needs

Data center infrastructure is evolving. Now, with cloud computing, more data demands, and distributed environments—there is a greater than ever need for agility. Many are pushing the limits of their data centers as service lines strive to achieve faster turnaround times, the fulfillment of customer needs, and competitive advantage. With more urgent requirements for capital, today’s CFOs are looking over the shoulder of CIOs to be assured of capital efficiency when it comes to data center planning. Retaining capital for core business needs is desirable in any organization.

The Modular Advantage

The data center design response has seen the development of modular data centers, With today’s more flexible data center solutions, organizations are seeing the direct benefits of working with modular data center designs. Modular data centers are designed to match data center planning with future revenue. HP designs and builds modular data centers that enable future IT and data center expansion to the required specification over a period of years as business needs change. Expansion is readily addressed through the modular nature of the design, so growth requirements are dealt with at the time of need.

The Modular Data Center Offer

The modularity menu ranges from HP POD, container-based solutions, through to modularized custom brick and mortar designs, with HP FlexibleDC in the center. As part of the modular approach HP’s Facility-as-a-Service provides a data center, designed to the client’s needs, and delivered as an ongoing maintenance service agreement, with a monthly fee for the facility itself as well as maintenance, moving capital projects within the parameters of operating budgets.

HP’s modular offer provides a perfect blend of design, technology, management, supply chain expertise, and construction techniques, with the following features:

  • Standardized architecture yielding dramatically simplified construction
  • Modular mechanical and electrical components making it easy to add on in phases as needed for changing power demands
  • Prefabricated mechanical and electrical equipment reducing onsite construction periods by shifting labor from field to factory
  • Streamlining construction and commissioning with a single HP point of contact

Why HP

HP is uniquely positioned to provide modular solutions. Our consultants and engineers from HP Critical Facilities Services have worked on leading-edge as well as the more typical projects with enterprise organizations and public sector bodies around the globe. HP has designed more than 65 million square feet of data center space. We are responsible for more than two-thirds of all LEED Gold and Platinum certified data centers, and we’ve put our years of practical experience to work helping many enterprises successfully implement their data center programs.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Richard Sawyer because we do more than data centers, including command and control centers, call centers, high-performance computing centers, network operations centers, broadcast studios, trading floors and operations facilities.


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