More than pushing papers

Managing documents is an important part of doing business. Whether you're in the financial services business processing loan applications; in healthcare dealing with HIPAA or other regulatory requirements; or in manufacturing delivering paychecks to a workforce around the world, you know it's important to get it right, as expediently and cost-effectively as possible. That's where HP Document Processing Services comes in. We offer comprehensive services that help customers efficiently manage documents throughout their lifecycle.

HP Document Processing Services help:

  • Reduce operational and fixed costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase flexibility to respond to changing industry regulations, business demands, and new markets
  • Access global talent and the latest technology
  • Manage risk and ensure business continuity

Resources when you need them

Having the latest technology, hardware, and software required to manage documents and images is costly. Your printing needs may spike once or twice a year, but the printers you invested in to meet that demand sit idle the rest of the time.

With our services, you're only paying for the resources you need when you need them.

  • Adapt quickly on a global scale when industry regulations or market demands change
  • Shift work to another facility to ensure business continuity if there's a disaster in one locale
  • Have the resources you need already up and running as you grow

In addition to managing costs, we can help you generate revenue by turning your transactional documentation to market new products and services.

Multi-channel Capture Services

Uses optical and intelligent character recognition to extract information; capture images; and feed back into your systems.

Multi-channel Output Services

Delivers paper and electronic documents to your customers and other stakeholders. Matching customer interests to products and services turns transactional documents into marketing vehicles. Electronic delivery creates potential for substantial savings in postage and paper costs.

Digital Vault Services

Securely manages documents for distribution or archiving, and makes them accessible from any location at any time regardless of where the paper document resides.

Customer Communications Management Services

Help you reinforce your brand and increase revenue with personalized customer communications.

Software Publishing Services

Replicate and distribute software and related materials to fulfill customer orders. An end-to-end solution starting with supply chain management, material resource planning and inventory control all the way through media manufacturing, just-in-time on-demand printing, component assembly and revision control.