Safeguard your corporate information

Businesses today expect more from backup and restore solutions. Legacy backup systems must meet escalating pressure to reduce backup windows and increase data-recovery speeds. It is imperative to have consistent data recovery and quick retrieval of lost information, with minimal downtime for enterprise end users and across distributed servers and data center servers.

We provide information-centric, flexible managed backup and restore services designed for the full spectrum of corporate needs. We can move you from a traditional technology-focused solution to an approach in which we align data recovery options to your business goals.

Protect information your way

We deliver backup and restore services for tablets, laptops, distributed servers, remote campuses, business units, data centers and enterprise systems.

Our full range of integrated hardware, software and services can be tailored to meet your dynamic backup and restore needs to:

  • Address worst-case peak processing requirements
  • Support disaster recovery
  • Reduce costs and capital outlay

Lower your capital investment

We can help you move from a fixed capital investment to a variable cost model in which you pay only for the backup space you need, ramping up or down depending on demand. This utility services model for backup may enable you to direct your capital to programs or projects that generate better returns.


Access world-class best practices and standards

As an experienced global backup and restore services provider managing more than 160 PB of online storage and 700 PB of backed-up data, we can deliver flexible, reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet your backup and restore needs.

We provide around-the-clock global support, managing over six million backup jobs monthly with a successful completion rate over 98%. Our services and capabilities are based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards.

You may choose from any combination of these delivery options:

  • You own the backup assets or use assets that we own
  • We deliver the services from your data center or ours

Our ITIL-certified specialists support these backup solutions:

  • Data Center Server Backups: Scheduled daily backups store data within a disk-based architecture , with off-site and long-term tape-based options
  • Remote Office Server Backups: Scheduled backups of your remote office data to a centralized location, with flexible options that eliminate the need for daily manual backups
  • Personal Device Backups: Scheduled backups of corporate information from personal devices to a centralized location, including flexible configurations and options – backups appear automatic to device users

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