Archive inactive data to lower-cost solutions

Containing explosive data growth in applications and databases on primary storage is a big challenge for most businesses. HP Archive and Compliance Services work with archiving applications to efficiently place data on appropriate archiving tiers. These services not only help you reduce primary storage space but also enable you to access and retrieve information to support regulatory compliance, legal response, or corporate retention policies.

Archive and Compliance Services can help enable archiving tiers so that data can efficiently be placed on appropriate tiers, thus reducing primary storage space—while enabling clients to access and retrieve information for compliance, corporate retention, and other needs.

Simplify information management

HP delivers archive and compliance services to help you simplify information management in today’s business environment. You don’t have to sacrifice information security and productivity to conduct business globally. HP’s integrated hardware, software, and services cover the full spectrum of architectures that today’s enterprises demand. And, these can be tailored to meet your business objectives. The result? You can be confident that your most valuable information assets are secure and accessible—and do it all without capital outlay.

We offer HP Base Online Archive services to help you address these challenges. It enables you to effectively archive information using a low-end, inexpensive, high-density disk designed for large volumes of persistent information.



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