A digital press for any job

7,000 HP Indigo digital presses installed. Over 4,500 customers in 120 countries. When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why HP Indigo is the leader in digital printing. We’ve turned more than 25 years of experience into the industry’s widest product range – and we are ready to deliver solutions that make you stand out.

HP Indigo digital press family


A commitment to print quality

Deliver high-quality prints, sharp images, and uniform gloss with HP Indigo ElectroInk.

The HP Indigo wide and accurate color gamut produces:

  • Offset-matching print quality with up to 7 ink stations

  • Up to 97% of PANTONE® colors

  • True spot colors

HP Indigo delivers real-world results

Within just six months, we have witnessed the productivity, cost effectiveness, the flexibility and above all else, the high quality that digital printing delivers.

— Trent Nankervis, owner, CMYKhubRead the full story

Engineered with every job in mind

A competitive edge starts with flexibility. The versatility of HP Indigo presses allows you to produce a wide range of high- value applications due to extensive media choices (over 3,000 certified substrates), specialty inks and special effects. With Enhanced Productivity Mode, you can be even more flexible printing with three colors instead of four, for the right applications.

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The buzz

Designers and brands demand HP Indigo because the prints are consistently high quality. With HP Indigo, we stay ahead of our competitors and continue to grow at a fast rate.

— Sam Mousavi, President and Chief Executive Officer, DPI Direct