Key Benefits

  • Offer PaaS/SaaS services alongside IaaS services rapidly
  • Extend integrated cloud management platform with other HP offerings, to add operation management capabilities*
  • Enterprise grade cloud services from a single end user portal

*Advanced IT operations management capabilities including security, performance management, compliance, resource management and financial reporting


Looking Under the Hood

Looking Under the Hood

HP CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite is specifically designed to make it easy to add platform and application services to HP CloudSystem Matrix environments delivering infrastructure cloud services. The Starter Suite combines components of the HP automation software portfolio, that lets you automate the complete lifecycle of IT services. From routine, repetitive tasks such as infrastructure and applications deployment and configurations, to the delivery of on-demand platform and application services. By purchasing the Starter Suite, HP CloudSystem Enterprise customers can save up to 20% compared with the cost of individual components. This latest addition to the HP CloudSystem portfolio readily places you on a path to the Converged Cloud.


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