Cross-Domain Resource Metrics and Reporting

Service Health Reporter is business service-driven IT reporting software that provides resource, event and response time reporting across server, network and application environments. It consolidates resource metrics, event metrics, response time data and business service topology data to enable a unique understanding and perspective on the “Business Service” behavior of traditional IT, as well as dynamic virtualized IT infrastructure and its impact on end users. With patterns illustrated across applications, you can plan activities to optimize the performance of your business services to meet or exceed requirements.

Service Health Reporter Screenshots

Service Health Reporter Screenshots
Quickly scan cross-domain reports, spot impacted resources and service, identify trends, and provide improved IT resource planning.

Key Features

  • Cross-domain reporting: Using the Run-Time Service Model, SHR accesses an up-to-date model of which resources impact the target service or component. Even when changes occur and dependent resource allocations are changed, SHR knows which data for which resources to collect
  • Automated forecasting: SHR has an inference engine allowing it to analyze existing collected data and project into the future to provide proactive analysis of resource usage
  • Out-of-the-box reports: Report accurately on what's happened, and accurately forecast what will occur using the dynamically updated RTSM for cross-domain automated reporting. Choose from more than 200 out-of-the-box reports, enriched by management packs, SPIs, and 3rd party developed integrations.
  • Remote polling: Scale to beyond 20,000 target data sources by using SHR remote polling and optimize network traffic and bandwidth to suit business needs
  • OVPI migration: Standard and custom reports can be migrated from OpenView Performance Insight (OVPI) implementations to SHR. Over 170 out of the box reports replace those used with OVPI. For custom reports, SHR provides a Common Development Environment that facilitates development of new reports that map to the older OVPI capabilities

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