Keep your business services healthy and performing

HP Business Service Management services provide you with a 360-degrees view into the health of your business services. With our services you can:

  • Define and refine your BSM strategy
  • Translate it into an actionable set of implementation steps
  • Deploy and configure HP’s BSM technology
  • Improve your IT Operations processes
  • Ensure that your people have the right skills
  • Drive solution adoption into your organization

HP Business Service Management services provide you with actionable insight so you can deliver better business services.


Key benefits

  • Automate detection and diagnostics of IT problems for faster incident resolution
  • Reduce the cost of monitoring and outage resolution
  • Deliver better services and manage SLAs to increase user satisfaction
  • Free up your IT Operations staff to focus on adding value instead of routine tasks

Featured BSM Services

HP Business Service Management Upgrade Technical Assessment
Planning service for either in-place or parallel upgrade procedures for customers with an internal UCMDB.  Learn more

HP Business Service Management Upgrade
Consulting services to help you successfully upgrade to the latest version of HP BSM. Learn more

HP Managed Enterprise Monitoring
Managed per-application, on-demand monitoring service and platform powered by HP Business Service Management (BSM) solutions for Application Performance Management (APM), Operations Bridge, and Infrastructure Monitoring. Learn more

HP Solution Discovery Workshop for BSM
Comprehensive approach that encompasses people, process, and technology across IT operations. Through detailed planning and using the HP BSM Maturity Model, you receive a detailed roadmap to get you on the fast track to leverage HP BSM for your business. Learn more

HP Application Performance Management Foundation
Flexible service package implementing end user monitoring (both synthetic and real), diagnostics and Service Level Management for a 360 degree monitoring of application health and performance. Read more

HP Business Process Monitoring Foundation
Rapid deployment service for customers getting started with HP Business Service Management and Business Process Monitor. Read more

HP Real User Monitoring Foundation
Rapid deployment service for customers getting started with HP Business Service Management and Real User Monitor. Read more

HP Diagnostics Foundation
Install and configure HP Diagnostics as part of an Application Performance Management solution for composite applications. Read more

HP Automated Network Management
Gain complete control of your physical and virtual network infrastructure with unified fault, availability, and performance management. Learn more

HP Operations Manager Foundation
Jumpstart your HP Operations Manager implementation with a rapid deployment service for OM Server, Reporter, Performance Manager, and 10 OM agents. Learn more

HP Operations Manager-i Foundation
Rapidly install HP OMi and integrate it to an existing HP Operations Manager instance. Learn more

HP Performance Insight to Service Health Reporter Migration Service
Migrate from HP Performance Insight to Service Health Reporter with confidence and reach new levels of cross domain service performance and availability reporting capabilities. Learn More


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