Exploit the power of human information and big data to gain competitive advantage

Today, unstructured data accounts for 85% of the information in the digital universe. Enterprises everywhere are trying to access and manage this torrent of information. Much of it is created in real time in forms that can’t be used—video, audio, email, blog posts, tweets, texts, images, and more. But now HP is helping the world’s leading organizations understand this flood of human information—and use it to their advantage.

HP Information Optimization solutions allow you to leverage the power of unstructured data and big data sets to provide insights in real time and improve enterprise performance. Our solution portfolio allows you to create, power, protect, know, integrate, and share 100% of enterprise-relevant information—across your organization.

Capture the hidden value of your information in all its forms.

HP Information Optimization solutions unlock the hidden potential of information in extraordinary new ways. You can recognize ideas and patterns in real time. Integrate, manage, and use the power of social media to improve your customer experience. HP Solutions also allow IT leaders to create, cascade, and track progress against Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards. So managers can create a performance-driven IT culture and prove the value of IT to overall enterprise performance.

HP Information Optimization Solutions provide:

  • Automation and real-time analysis
  • Deeper insight into customer behavior
  • Cost-effective management of growing data volumes
  • Streamlined end-user access to information
  • Simplified IT performance

Leading hardware, software, services, and partnerships help you extract maximum value from your information environment. HP's solutions are designed to help you manage and control information from Big Data, Social Media, Risk Management, Cloud, and Mobility applications.

HP can help you power, protect, know, integrate, share, and create to provide a complete Information Optimization strategy for improved competitive advantage.

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HP Information Optimization Solutions - Driving insight, intuition and ideas for better enterprise decisions

HP Information Optimization Solutions - Driving insight, intuition and ideas for better enterprise decisions


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