Procesamiento de las reclamaciones de garantía automatizado

HP Warranty Services es un servicio para la administración de las reclamaciones de garantía completa y automatizada, para empresas que sirven productos mediante una red de proveedores de servicios de reparación. El servicio está basado en reclamaciones electrónicas, nuestra aplicación web para la administración de garantías, que alojamos en nuestro centros de datos.

A través de los servicios de garantía, HP automatiza los procesos de reclamación de garantía que reducen los costes de administración y el inventario. El servicio también reduce las pérdidas debido al fraude y la validación inadecuada de reclamaciones y ayuda a mejorar la calidad del producto mediante la captura rápida de datos de fallos, de modo que la satisfacción del cliente y la repetición de compras aumentan.

Personalizamos HP Warranty Services según los requisitos de su empresa, de sus productos y sus condiciones de garantía. Luego lo hacemos funcionar en conjunto con sus sistemas de administración de la producción, la economía, y las relaciones con los clientes. Una vez implementado por completo, formamos a su personal y les ayudamos en el cambio al nuevo sistema. Pero eso no es todo. También proporcionamos soporte continuado.

Los Servicios de garantía proporcionan las siguientes funciones:

  • Procesamiento de reclamaciones: registro de producto, verificación del derecho y adjudicación
  • Administración de garantía ampliada: verificación del derecho, soporte fuera de garantía y recaudación de fondos.
  • Pedido de componentes y seguimiento en línea: notificación por correo electrónico, seguimiento de ventas, y detalles de la garantía y de los componentes fuera de garantía
  • Efectividad de la garantía: encuestas de satisfacción del cliente y administración del programa de incentivos del canal, de modo que usted puede recompensar a los proveedores de servicios destacados.

También ofrecemos un amplio conjunto de informes sobre todas las facetas de la operación de servicios de garantía, para que usted pueda administrar de forma eficiente esta parte de su empresa.


Inside HP Warranty Services Solution

HP Warranty Services equips you with a complete, integrated set of capabilities to automate, accelerate, and optimize your product warranty operations. The capabilities include:

  • Profiles and policy administration - Multi-tiered partner profiles administration and contracts/policy administration
  • Warranty management - Product registration, and entitlement verification
  • Claim processing - Includes product registration, entitlement verification, return/repair/claim data collection, batch and manual adjudication, invoice creation and payments
  • Global warranty business rule engine for claims validation/processing
  • Extended warranty management - Provides entitlement verification, out-of-warranty support, and funds collection
  • Online parts ordering and tracking - Provides e-mail notifications, sales tracking, details on warranty and out-of-warranty parts, and reports
  • Warranty effectiveness - Includes consumer satisfaction surveys, channel incentive program management, and reporting
  • Integrated swap stock management
  • RMA management
  • Supplier cost recovery.

With HP Warranty Services, global visibility of product units allows reduction of malpractice, intended and unintended, resulting in significant cost reductions and data reliability.

The capability of centralized control of all claims with the ability to delegate controls to multiple levels, such as regions, countries, service partners, and individuals allows the solution to be truly global while supporting local laws and cultures.

Why HP?

Discuss your warranty needs with HP. We can cut your warranty spend due to fraud and inadequate claims validation, improve dealer and customer satisfaction, increase product quality with our high-performance, Web-based, business-to-business warranty, and product failure management system based on HP Warranty Services.

The HP Approach

Our expert team analyzes your warranty process maturity and develops a high-performance customizable solution. We study your business to determine and propose the extent of customization of HP warranty Services solution.

After customizing our solution to your business, we integrate it with your Web and legacy environments— including enterprise resource planning, product data management, purchasing, manufacturing, accounting, and finance systems. Training sessions and careful communications by HP prepare your service channel for the upcoming change.

To ensure a seamless solution rollout, we perform user testing at key sites, followed by pilots in specific regions and countries. We host the system and data at a single multi-client HP facility. This gives you efficient, cost-effective transaction support over the long term.

Service providers using our solution follow your standards to the letter on everything from claims approvals to parts orders and reimbursements.

Improving Product Quality

The comprehensive analytics feature of HP Warranty Services enables manufacturers to proactively detect and resolve quality issues. The data is also communicated to product team to ensure that repeat issues do not occur. This commitment to continuous quality improvement strengthens brand trust, and helps create longer and better warranty terms.

HP Warranty Services transforms the warranty processing from a liability to a competitive benefit. This result in an improved product design, lower warranty-related cost, improves supplier collaborations, guarantees regulatory compliance, and generates confidence among dealers.

The world’s premier companies and their service channels have trusted our solution for more than 15 years. We back this history with ongoing investments in our services. The benefits of these industry best-practices for our clients are real and measurable: Higher-quality products, customer growth, and tens of millions of dollars in savings on warranty spend.


Complete service—customized for your business

We customize HP Warranty Services to your business requirements, products and warranty terms. Then we interface it to your manufacturing, financial and customer relationship management systems. Once fully implemented, we train your staff and help transition them - to the new system. But, that’s not it – we also provide ongoing support.

Warranty Services provide the following functions:

  • Claims processing—product registration, entitlement verification and adjudication
  • Extended warranty management—entitlement verification, out-of-warranty support and funds collection
  • Online parts ordering and tracking—e-mail notifications, sales tracking, and details on warranty and out-of-warranty parts
  • Warranty effectiveness—customer satisfaction surveys and channel incentive program management so you can reward top service providers

We also provide a comprehensive set of reports on all facets of warranty services operation, so you can effectively manage this part of your business.


Contact Us

If you represent a commercial enterprise interested in buying business process outsourcing warranty services and software for your business, please contact us: BPO Warranty Services

If you need HP product support, please go to the top of this web page and select “Support”.



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