Protect your data, network, applications and your bottom line

HP Business Protection solutions address the three pillars of a thriving business:

  • Safe data
  • Secure network
  • Available applications

The key scoping question is: how much data and time can you afford to lose? The answer will determine how to configure your business protection solution.

HP provides layers of business protection to defend your data, applications, systems and network from attack. You get end-to-end solutions across every layer of Business Protection, with solutions for:

  • Data protection
  • Application protection
  • Backup and Archiving
  • Disaster recovery
Data Protection Layer

Secure and protect valuable data from hardware failure, human error, and software corruption. Reduce the cost of labor to prepare for and to recover from data loss.

Application Protection Layer

Protect applications and IT systems before intrusion or downtime happens. Increase productivity by reducing business disruption with uninterrupted access to systems, critical business applications, and data.

Backup and Archiving Layer

Provide transparent, automatic, fast and reliable backup solutions, so you can focus on business growth without having to worry about business risk.

Disaster Recovery Layer

Provide reliable, accessible solutions to valuable data and applications when disaster strikes. Make sure your business has the capability to continue essential functions across a wide range of situations that could disrupt normal operations.