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Welcome to HP Puerto Rico!
We believe in innovation, and finding new ways to contribute to the business. Our employees are creative, flexible and committed to the business results demonstrating world class excellence performance.

About HP Puerto Rico
HP operates in Puerto Rico with a sales and support office located in Torre Chardon in Hato Rey and two sites located in the city of Aguadilla: a center specializing in manufacturing and distribution of personal computers, Unix servers, Wintel servers, software, printing solutions and ink cartridges among others, and a research and development unit linked with HP operations around the world. HP is the number one technology supplier in Puerto Rico for servers, storage, imaging and printing and Wintel equipment. HP Puerto Rico promotes a collaborative environment utilizing the highest technology available produced by HP: HALO Interactive Virtual Conferencing, a real-time, seamless communications experience that can improve how people work and interact; and the Network Operations Center, which enables enterprises to improve the availability and performance of each aspect of their IT environment, providing a complete solution and an integrated service for the successful management of the IT environment.

Capital investment
Our manufacturing facilities in Aguadilla are located over 68 acres of land with over 600,000 sq ft of construction and an equivalent of $400 million of capital investment.

Employment generation
HP Puerto Rico directly employs close to 1,200 people and 2,000 others through manufacturing subcontractors. In total we generate close to 4,000 direct and indirect employments including the sales offices and associated distributors.

You and HP. A true collaboration.
We look for people with inquiring minds and the enthusiasm to develop ideas – qualities that are at the core of our philosophy. We are always seeking new talent, and at HP you will find a place where your ideas are always given what they need to thrive. By joining HP, you will be a member of a diverse workforce and a unique corporate culture. Within a few years, you could find yourself anywhere in our global network, helping us change the way people think, act and conduct their lives using technology.

Explore the opportunities available at HP Puerto Rico and come put your dreams and ideas to work!

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