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When your server shuts down, your business does too. Servers today are more powerful than ever before as they take on functions that are critical to your business success. Servers are also more complex. Virtualization. Converged infrastructure. Cloud solutions. Running business-critical applications on industry-standard servers. All of this accountability makes managing the server environment increasingly challenging, especially with limited resources and budget constraints.

These realities demand a new approach to service support for industry standard server environments. Support that can help ensure critical reliability and achieve efficiencies, such as cutting energy consumption to deliver significant cost savings. Of course, making the most of your technology investment is one thing; using technology to make the most of your business is another. With the help of HP ProLiant Server Services, you can do both.

Managing costs, optimizing performance

Running a data center is an expensive and increasingly complex operation. IT departments today are dealing with tighter budgets and increasing demands to show ROI—all while running an operation with aging infrastructures and limited capacity.

Space is tight. Technology modernization is overdue. Energy costs are high. Virtualization adds an additional layer of complexity as it runs across multiple platforms and operating systems. Investing capital funds to build new data centers may not be feasible, so businesses are forced to deal with what they already have. While at the same time business-critical and mission-critical applications are tending to migrate from legacy mainframes to large industry-standard server farms. Optimizing the cost of implementing, operating and supporting IT solutions is important, reducing the costs of designing and running the data center can also play a key role.

ProLiant Data Center Services

We go beyond the server, rack and software to look at the big picture.

Recommended HP ProLiant Server Family Services

HP offers a comprehensive set of services to manage and optimize every aspect of the server environment.

Infrastructure Services for HP POD240a

HP Infrastructure Services for HP Performance Optimized Data Center 240a (HP POD 240a) span POD and IT lifecycle support needs.

HP Services for Scale Out IT Environments

With HP Services for Scale Out IT Environments, you can minimize IT failures, improve efficiencies, and Integrate processes.


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