Connect your enterprise to an agile and flexible network

Connecting the enterprise isn’t just about routing, switching, and wireless products. It’s about the network enabling the business and market trends such as cloud, big data and mobility. Creating an agile network that can mirror the instant scale-up/scale-down capabilities of compute and store environments is nothing short of a necessity. HP Network Services defines this state of responsive scalability as “elastic connectivity.”

By delivering elastic connectivity, users can be their most productive through universal access to people, applications and data. In addition, the business can optimize the delivery of critical business services via private, public or hybrid models.

Such challenges are why savvy networking professionals complement their networking investments with services from HP. By depending on our experts for consulting, implementation and support services, you can plan, implement, operate and evolve your network infrastructure more easily and effectively. You gain solutions to solve your immediate business problems and insights and agility to respond to your future needs.

Network Strategy and Planning Services

These services define vision, current state, readiness and pragmatic next steps for future state of your network.

Cloud-ready Networking Services

These services help you prepare your network to meet the demands of cloud computing.

FlexNetwork Services

These services help you evolve to a network that leverages the advantages and efficiencies of an end to end open standards environment.

IPv6 Consulting Services

HP’s complete lifecycle of IPv6 Consulting services is a critical component of HP’s comprehensive suite of solutions enabling a seamless transition to an IPv6 connected world.

Network Infrastructure Optimization Services

Universal access to people, applications and data relies on an optimized network to ensure a positive user experience.

Availability and Support Services

Your network is a key element, so we tailor a support solution to achieve the service levels that it must deliver to the business.

Network Consulting for Unified Communications and Mobility

Unified communications combines messaging, data, content, presence, voice and video into a combined workplace experience.

HP Software Defined Networking (SDN) Services

HP Software Defined Networking Services is a comprehensive portfolio of services that takes a pragmatic approach to software defined networking.

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