FlexNetwork Services

Connect your enterprise to a flexible and optimized network.

HP FlexNetwork Services help customers assess, plan and transform from proprietary networking to open-standards networking protocols to take advantage of multivendor design, performance, and TCO advantages, with a philosophy towards interoperability, providing customers with the flexibility to take advantage of best of breed technologies. These services can also help customers who cannot deliver the required network services to the business due to network sprawl and proprietary architectures.

The HP FlexNetwork Readiness Assessment Service is a workshop that features an interactive strategy session to plan, validate, and guide technology migration in your network infrastructure from proprietary protocols and vendor-specific feature sets to open standards and industry best practices. This service will help your organization recognize the CAPEX and OPEX savings from adopting a multivendor approach.

Making changes to your network architecture requires careful planning—which includes analyzing your needs upfront, setting well‑defined objectives, defining critical dependencies, and evaluating your business and technology risks. HP FlexNetwork Architecture and Design Service focuses on collaborating with you to analyze and validate your current and future IT architecture needs—from business, technical, and implementation viewpoints. The design, which can include all network nodes—clients, servers, and network infrastructure—is built within a best practice framework that recommends comprehensive, modular designs and factors in the cost of maintaining IT networks.

HP can coordinate the end‑to‑end integration and deployment of your network implementation, offering a single point of accountability. Our experts can bring your network online, add new connections to your existing network, or help you transition to a new network environment—scaling the solution to fit your business and technical network needs.

HP also offers a full suite of Wireless LAN services and time and expense consulting which provides a flexible means for you to access expertise from HP Network Consultants.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Lorenzo Gonzales for HP FlexNetwork services that help customers assess, plan and transform from proprietary networking to open-standards networking protocols.