In today’s world, the enterprise not only runs on technology; business and technology are one and the same. So it’s more imperative than ever that your technology is delivering value to your business and to your customers.

Because you are only as competitive as your technology allows you to be, you expect increased value for your investments in technology. Therefore, you demand more from your technology services providers today than yesterday.

As the service experts for your HP technology, we know your technology better than anyone else. We can help you not only fix it before it breaks, but also make it easier to keep your technology up to date. Additionally, our consultants and support experts can guide you in transforming your infrastructure for the future while keeping your business running—giving you the agility to respond quickly and effectively.

Put your focus on the future

Our portfolio of technology services enables you to focus on what’s most important: your business processes. It means maximum system availability and minimal service disruption to your organization, its customers and constituents. And it allows you to maximize the value of your technology investment.

You get access to HP-trained and certified technology professionals and our knowledge base of experience and expertise. With HP Insight Remote Support, we can proactively monitor your systems and alert you when performance falters. And it lets us offer proactive system planning and utilization recommendations.

No matter where your business is located or how complex your technology environment, the range of service-level options available around the world means you can keep your critical business processes running smoothly.


Enterprise Server Services

When your systems go down, your business, your bottom line and your reputation are on the line. Failure is not an option. Ensuring you have the service and support you need to prevent that from happening is critical and complicated. HP has designed services to bring the precise expertise your situation demands.

BladeSystem Services

BladeSystem Services are consulting, implementation and support services for HP BladeSystems. We improve IT efficiency and reduce risk by helping you merge BladeSystem operations into IT Service Management processes. Our services get your BladeSystem up and running sooner, and they provide the support to keep them running.

ProLiant Server Services

Managing the server environment is growing increasingly challenging, with limited resources and budget constraints. These realities demand a new approach to service support. Making the most of your technology investment is one thing; using technology to make the most of your business is another. With the help of HP ProLiant Server Services, you can do both.

Storage Services

HP experts can help simplify your multivendor storage environment. Our expertise spans the entire technology environment, not just storage. With HP, you can be confident that all your storage needs are met. Storage infrastructure transformation, data optimization and availability, multivendor SAN support, installation and implementation: They’re all in good hands with HP.

Network Services

HP Network Services help you plan, deploy and operate your network infrastructure. Our experts help you define your business needs for voice and data communications. We design a solution to solve business problems and give you flexibility to respond to future needs. We get your network up and running quickly and support you during operations.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our HP technology experts because we are the service experts for your HP technology, and we know your technology better than anyone else.