Helping you find the "sweet spot"

HP Data Center Modernization Services analyzes IT infrastructures for efficiency of use and alignment with business goals. Analysis of both areas can result in substantial cost reduction and increased efficiency of operations for your enterprise. Data Center Modernization Services helps our hosting clients better align the goals of their IT department with those of the business. Through increased agility of the IT infrastructure, your IT department can support changes in business direction and strategy.


Infrastructure Rationalization Assessment
The infrastructure Rationalization Assessment evaluates your current infrastructure. It develops a baseline of your present mode of operation, analyzes modernization and transformation options and designs an improved future mode of operation.

Server Consolidation and Virtualization Assessment
The Server Consolidation and Virtualization Assessment offers a highly structured yet versatile approach to server consolidation and virtualization regardless of compute platform, business application or technology.

Storage Rationalization Assessment
This data placement assessment reduces your storage costs by improving your data storage solution. We evaluate, analyze and interpret inter-dependencies within the storage environment and recommend optimal data placement across storage tiers. These services provide:

  • Workload profiles
  • Storage platform characteristics
  • Storage solution sets

Network Application Performance Assessment
The Network Application Performance Assessment is a low-cost application and network analysis customized to meet your business needs.

Business Continuity Assessment
The Business Continuity Assessment provides a high-level assessment of your current business continuity program and environment from a disaster prevention and preparedness perspective.