Workplace as a Service—a strategic approach for the workplace!

Is it time to simplify the management complexities and reduce the costs associated with your workplace? Consider HP’s full lifecycle desktop management solution - delivered as a service.

HP WorkPlace360 Services uses a subscription-based approach to provide standard hardware and software configurations matching the needs of your users. Configure a profile for each user in your organization and we do the rest—provisioning, deployment, support, update, and refresh. The fixed monthly price per seat means no need to budget for refreshes, minimal capital investment, and no asset maintenance issues.

A subscription-based, full lifecycle workplace management solution

HP WorkPlace360 Services provides the hardware, software, services, and support directly to your users. They stay up to date with the current, secure, capable workplace environment they need—and for less total cost of ownership. This turns the organizational challenges of aging technology and upgrade cycles into a reliable and manageable business model.

Best of all, you stay in control. Configurable user profiles let you match each employee's business role with the right combination of hardware and support, so you decide who gets what. You also specify the packaged applications deployed to each profile as well as the level of support provided.


HP provides a managed desktop solution

Here's how the service works:

  • Changeover—We work with you to enable a smooth, seamless transition of your users to WorkPlace360 Services, deployed on a plan that works for you.
  • Device logistics—We acquire and distribute the devices according to your selected user profiles and the schedule you have established.
  • Workplace management—Devices are prepared, configured, and managed to ensure the PCs operate according to agreed upon standards.
  • Comprehensive support services—We provide ongoing workplace support, and regular PC refresh either every three years or customized to meet your needs.

We even do all the behind-the-scenes workplace management using the special facilities and processes we’ve developed to keep users satisfied and assure security and productivity.

HP provides Win7 and user segmentation assessments to help enterprises understand how to prepare for achieving new efficiencies and competitive advantage. The assessments can be the first step to the transformation of your organization to one that adapts easily and innovates rapidly.

Let HP help you remove the complexity of your workplace by configuring the right aspects of support and management to make your workplace successful!


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