Solutions for the Communications Service Providers

HPE provides media and TV solutions for Video-on-Demand (VoD), linear multi-screen, and on-demand services including cloud DVR (cDVR) which enable a rich and immersive consumer experience with customized content, advertising, social media and recommendations. Our innovations and expertise allow the consolidation of legacy systems into virtualized media cloud services, providing the flexibility to efficiently manage, scale and achieve a faster time to monetizing services.

  • Flawlessly manage your digital assets

    Collaboratively check-in, enrich, transcode, aggregate and publish digital assets. Reduce time to market and improve your operational efficiency by automating & monitoring processes.

  • Unleash innovative multiscreen distribution services

    Deliver digital TV with multiscreen delivery, on demand services and recording everywhere. Address new business models and revenue streams, with Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), multiscreen on-demand services (nDVR, time shift…) and analytics.

  • Bring the best Customer experience

    Use predictive solutions for immersive customer experience. Support the growth of demand for UHD. Use advanced analytics to provide the ultimate use experience on your network, using real time streaming data KPIs for faster outages resolution and for resources optimization.

  • Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs

    Consolidate legacy systems into virtualized environments, to get the flexibility and efficiency to manage and deliver higher volume contents. Orchestrate services in an open NFV virtualized ecosystem, to optimize the use of resources on a real time, adapt infrastructure to the traffic demand variations, all with just a single click service install.

M&E Solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a complete portfolio of Content Management, Content Delivery and Content Experience, to enable the CSPs and video content producers (Cable and Media companies) accelerate their Media Services transformation, reduce costs, optimize content production, develop new revenue streams, and create immersive experience for their end customers.

Content Management

  • Media Supply Chain automation

    Streamline ingest, preparation and publishing of media content with automated workflow operations to reduce OPEX of multi-platform video solutions.

  • Content Enrichment and Segmentation

    Improve user experience with better content easier to find. Organize and develop new revenue with advanced personalized TV services opportunities.

  • Integrated playout

    Increase business agility implementing and running linear and live channels as needed, at the lowest possible cost.

Content Delivery

  • On Demand & Linear Multiscreen Services

    Complete end-to end On Demand and linear multiscreen services, including modular cDVR and DAI.

  • Virtual Headend

    Implement a full IP-based Virtual Headend for multiscreen IPTV, assuring end-to-end video quality experience.

  • Smart Edge

    Reduce the LTE core & Backhaul traffic maximizing at the same time the quality of experience of end users.

  • Network Traffic Management

    Optimize your network traffic while creating at the same time new lines of revenue, and Reduce churn providing better QoE to end-users.

Content Experience

  • Ad Management

    Enhance audience engagement by delivering personalized experience based on users’ profile, time of the days, devices and more, leveraging big data analytics tools.

  • Consumer Analytics

    Track, manage and take action on consumer behavior for targeted advertising, recommendation engines, and sophisticated reporting.

  • Content quality management

    Use advanced analytics to provide the ultimate use experience on your network. Gain insights from your streaming data and reduce outages, for faster resolution times and for resources optimization.