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With data growing exponentially in almost every industry, customers need a highly virtualized, cloud-ready data platform to support compute-intensive applications - efficiently and effectively. Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012, running on HP's new density-optimized 4-socket HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 and DL560 Gen8 servers, deliver that platform with industry-leading performance and TCO over competitive offerings. ”

Ted Kummert

Corporate Vice President, Business Platform Division, Microsoft

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Red Hat's product performance on HP ProLiant Gen 8 servers illustrates the momentum of the 12-year collaboration between Red Hat and HP. Our collaboration now extends to help customers facing growing IT needs and looking to run the most demanding enterprise workloads, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on HP's new scale-up Gen8 servers, the density-optimized ProLiant BL660c Gen8 and DL560 Gen8. We're already achieving leading benchmarks, which is proof of the performance gains our customers can achieve in their physical, virtual and cloud environments. ”

Jim Totton

General Manager and Vice President,
Platform Business Unit, Red Hat

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SAP's partnership with HP spans more than 20 years, delivering efficient IT solutions to help customers better manage their growing data centers. HP ProLiant Gen8 servers are a proven platform for SAP applications, consistently earning leading results on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution standard application benchmark. Today, more customers are looking to extend virtualization capabilities throughout their data centers as a foundation for cloud computing. HP's new density-optimized, 4-socket ProLiant BL660c Gen8 and DL560 Gen8 servers offer ideal platforms for virtualizing SAP solution-based environments, including larger SAP applications. ”

Rayn Veerubhotla

Vice President, Ecosystem & Channels, SAP AG

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HP ProLiant servers have long-standing success as a proven virtualization platform for VMware vSphere®. As more business-critical applications move to the cloud, organizations can be confident their most resource-intensive workloads can scale and are safely virtualized. With high performing 4-socket VMmark® performance benchmarks, HP's new density-optimized ProLiant BL660c Gen8 and DL560 Gen8 servers can provide customers with powerful platforms for the software-defined data center. ”

Gary Green

Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware

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China Merchant Bank, headquartered in Shenzhen, is a leading commercial bank, and we serve customers in 96 cities across China, with additional operations in New York, Taipei and London. We're an IT innovator, having been the first bank in China to establish a bank-wide IT platform. Continued innovation was needed in our data center to meet the growing demands of the business within our resource capacity constraints. We needed new servers to support increased virtualization density, as well as consolidation of large database and financial reporting workloads. We considered IBM and Dell, but chose the new HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server based on excellent quality, density, high performance and cost efficiency, plus the outstanding after-sales service we've always received from HP. We've also found the built-in automated management capabilities are significantly reducing our data center admin costs. By choosing the ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server, the savings we're achieving with lower data center power consumption and management costs will payback our investment in less than 3 months. ”

Lin Li

Project Manager for CloudSystem, China Merchant Bank (APJ)

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China Unicom is the world's third largest telecom carrier, and we serve almost 400 million customers with a network spanning more than 100 countries. We're also the first Chinese telecom carrier to offer cloud-based services to enterprise customers. Our datacenter needed to be modernized to efficiently meet the rapidly changing business requirements. We needed to replace our 2-socket servers, and consolidate on a scale-up 4-socket virtualized server platform capable of supporting our compute-intensive database workloads. Dell, IBM, and Huawei, were considered, but we chose the new high density HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server, based on the best balance of cost efficiency without compromising on performance, better expandability, and great service. We've been impressed with the embedded Automated Energy Optimization capabilities, which are significantly reducing our energy costs. With the lower energy costs combined with space, maintenance and hardware cost savings, we expect a payback on our ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server investment within 3 months. ”

Xu Jian

Project Manager of E-Business, China Unicom (APJ)

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Commerzbank AG is a global banking and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt, and we serve over 16 million private customers, businesses and large corporate clients across 52 countries. To enable our continued growth and superior customer service amid the challenging global economy, we decided to modernize our data center. Our goal was to consolidate on a new virtualized scale-up server platform which can support higher virtual machine density, plus virtualization of our essential compute-intensive workloads. We chose the new HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server based on the best balance of high density and availability, combined with significant energy cost savings. We also expect the built-in HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Management Engine to help us improve our lifecycle management for improved uptime and lower admin costs. Overall, with all of the cost efficiencies we're achieving with the ProLiant DL560 Gen8 servers; our investment payback period is expected shorter than ever before. ”

Michael Bartruff

Head of Unix Engineering, Commerzbank AG (EMEA)

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GST is a leading provider of IT solutions and services, and we're committed to delivering best of breed solutions that help customers increase organizational productivity and scalability, while lowering operational costs. The new HP ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server has proven to be the best performance per rack U on the market. When customers are looking for even more consolidation than virtualization alone can provide, we tell them to look at the ProLiant DL560 Gen8 server. With 4 Intel® Xeon® E5-4600 CPU's, 48 DIMM slots, and support for load-reduced (LR) RAM, HP has built the ultimate server for customers with space constraints and performance needs. ”

Dave Peterson

Principal Solution Architect
GST Information Technology Solutions (NA)

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RCR Tomlinson Ltd, is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. To continue our rapid growth, we decided to consolidate our data center onto high density blades to more efficiently support virtualization of our large workloads. We considered Cisco, but chose the new HP BL660c Gen8 Server Blade because it provided the optimal mix of scalability, performance and density. Our rack space is at a premium and we need to put every U to use. Overall, we found the ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Server Blade offering 4-socket capabilities in a full height, single wide blade form factor, gives us a high level of density and performance that is not comparable anywhere else in the industry. We're also able to achieve significant savings due to space and power reductions, which we expect will payback our investment in less than 3 months. ”

Stacey Squire

ICT Infrastructure Manager, RCR Tomlinson Ltd. (APJ)


Alcatel-Lucent is a leading provider of communication technology for hundreds of global carriers and HP is one of our strategic partners providing the hardware foundation we use to build innovative applications including advanced IP communications, mobile commerce and real-time data charging. HP's ProLiant Gen8 servers enable us to leverage the latest performance improvements of the system, as well as its applicability to the Telecommunications market with its carrier grade design. HP is also working closely with us to minimize the impact to our test and certification process for the Gen8 which will allow us to ensure we can deliver our deployments per customer to meet their needs. ”

Jeff Cortley

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances

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Our IT team works hard to keep pace with the company's overall creative capacity, yet the need to do more with less has never been greater due to the increasing complexity of the projects we are taking on. HP has always worked hard to understand our business and the challenges that are unique to it. We have commenced testing the next generation ProLiant servers, Gen8, and have been very impressed with the performance and efficiency to date. ”

Alex Timbs

Head of IT

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The new DL380 Gen8 server is substantially better than previous generations. One of the main differences we see is the fact that the installation media is built-in to the iLO components, which allows us to send servers directly to customers, and with little to no customer interaction, have them running without ever being on-site. We see this as not only a time-saver when it comes to deployment, but also a money-saver in man-hours for multi-site environments. This is a game-changer for a medium-sized managed-services shop, with a desire for more professional service revenue. ”

Robert Thedens

Professional Service Manager

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As the leader in the internet security industry, Bitdefender is committed to ensuring the best protection to all of its 400 million customers around the world. The #1 ranked Bitdefender antimalware technology relies on a top-notch infrastructure which includes high-performance HP equipment. Having tested the HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, we've seen a significant leap in the performance of our critical applications and a major cut down in their corresponding operating costs. We are looking forward to seeing these intelligent servers at work, and are beginning our deployment of the HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 servers, now that they're available. ”

Mihai Talmacel

QA Engineer, Bitdefender

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We have been using the HP ProLiant Gen8 Blade server in our test and development model for the last 6 weeks, from the point of view of a system administrator the developments with the HP ProLiant Gen8 to include iLO4 is worthwhile addition. The extra features included in iLO4, such as the environmental data of the server which previously was only easily accessible via the system management home page, are of great benefit as they allow us to monitor hardware that we have ready to deploy but before pressed into live service. ”

James Holmes

Strategic IN Infrastructure - Technical Specialist

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As a leading provider of technology to top business, government, education and healthcare organizations, CDW is committed to offering solutions that simplify the server procurement, deployment and management for our customers. After just the first few months of selling Gen8 servers, we're already getting positive customer feedback on reduced cost and complexity when they transition to Gen8 compared to their old server environment. In addition to our customers benefiting, CDW is also benefiting from Gen8 innovation to reach more customers and increase customer loyalty. We've experienced that Gen8 was designed with Partner innovation in mind. ”

James Holmes

Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales

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Garanti Bank serves 0.5 million customers in Romania, and continues to increase market share, requiring a modernization of the server infrastructure to support the growth. We have tested HP ProLiant Gen8 servers for the past 2 months, and our results show the performance, the automation and the intelligence of this platform is superior. We especially appreciated the new iLO remote management controller, for the remote deployment, administration and diagnose capabilities as well as the Smart Array configuration utility. We would recommend HP ProLiant Gen8 servers to other customers, and we're ready to begin deployment to replace our existing servers. ”

Cosmin Moldoveanu

ICT Manager, GarantiBank SA Romania

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Channel Partners are looking for more from their vendor partners as delivery models and client expectations evolve to include cloud services. Providing seamlessly integrated remote support and management tools are an important part of how partners are looking to efficiently evolve their services portfolio. Strategically aligning the right solutions to meet partner requirements is critical to driving partner and customer satisfaction. ”

Tiffani Bova

Vice President, Sales & Channel Strategies, WW Gartner

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A new computer system, built on HP ProLiant SL230s/250s Gen8 servers, is expected to help researchers to make full use of the big data generated by the public science. It will also serve as a platform of world-wide DNA data sharing operations at DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ). ”

National Institute of Genetics

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Over 600 operators rely on Nokia Siemens Networks network management system, NetAct, to manage and optimize their networks. HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, with an innovative architecture and class-leading virtualization performance, are the ideal platform for NetAct and allow us to fully meet our customers' expectations. ”

Peter Patomella

Head of OSS Business Line

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The new HP ProLiant Gen8 servers feel like they were designed for administrators, by administrators. From the disk drives on the outside clearly showing when it's safe to remove them, to the advanced diagnostics reported back to HP for troubleshooting, everything screams customer inspired innovation. The simplicity of the install without worrying about firmware levels helps clients meet the ever shortening provisioning windows. ”

Leigh Carpenter

Director of Strategic Services

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Our IT teams work hard to keep up with the pace of our business yet the need to do more with less has never been greater due to more financial regulation. With the intelligence built into HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, we expect significant performance and cost improvements over the lifetime of the systems. ”

Billy Person


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The Carter cluster at Purdue University, the largest campus supercomputer in the U.S., needs an IT infrastructure that can support the broad research the university supports. With HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, Carter delivers twice the performance of the school's most recent TOP500 systems, while using half the energy of the previous systems and requires only a quarter of the datacenter space. With nearly four million hours of research computation to date, Carter is already having impact on research from cancer treatment to forecasting tornados. ”

Gerry McCartney

Purdue CIO, VP for IT

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SCSK Corporation congratulates HP's launch of its ProLiant Gen8 server. SCSK has long been delivering services to support HP's servers and storage for High Performance Computing. The new enhanced performance of the applications on the latest HP ProLiant enables SCSK to provide our customers with a wider offering to control the systems' operational costs and reduce its deployment time. SCSK will collaborate with HP Japan for the promotion of sales of HP's products on the High Performance Computing area and deliver its unique services, which includes convenient operational support, to meet the needs of our customers for further control of operational cost, high business efficiency and reduced delivery time. ”

Akihiro Kokufuda

General Manager and Engineering Service Dept.
IT Engineering Div. IT Platform Solution Group

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We are committed to leading commercial aviation as an environmentally responsible company and expect to operate the same efficiency in our own data center. With the intelligence built into HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, we anticipate significant energy improvements over the duration of the systems lifetime. ”

Richard Wilson

Principal Engineer - Microsoft Infrastructure

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We are living in exciting times: we can analyze a human genome in less than 7 days! Today, this is still a very expensive test that needs a lot of computer power to get the result. With the Gen8 servers of HP, we've come a step closer to make this test routine! With the much better compute power per watt, the price of this calculation is serious reduced! We'll invest in the new Gen8 servers and replacing the previous generations faster than planned; this will enable us to grow with a reduce budget! ”

Reinoud Reynders

IT-Manager Infrastructure & Operations, UZ Leuven

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Our IT teams work hard to keep up with the pace of the requests of our research groups, yet the need to do much more with less has never been greater due to the growing need of simulation or computing time by an expanding spectrum of research disciplines. With the intelligence built into HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, we expect significant performance and cost improvements over the systems lifespan. ”

Tom Kuppens

Ghent University, associate in the Flemish Supercomputing Center

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