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Timely and relevant information about IT services

HP Configuration Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive set of tools for collecting, storing, managing, updating and presenting data about IT services configuration items (software and infrastructure) and about their relationships. HP Configuration Management System includes HP Universal Discovery (UD) and a federated configuration management database (UCMDB) that integrates with trusted sources in a seamless fashion—allowing IT management teams to make effective decisions and control changes. HP Configuration Management System is available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.


Key features

  • Thorough understanding of application components and infrastructure dependencies
  • More effective and accurate change planning and impact analysis
  • Lower time to resolution for critical events with fast view of service decomposition
  • Improved visibility showing deviations from standard configuration of IT assets
  • Control of configuration management and compliance issues such as Sarbanes-Oxley

Featured products

  • Universal CMDBStorage and management of software and infrastructure elements that includes relationships and dependencies
  • Universal DiscoveryAutomated discovery and dependency mapping of services, applications, and underlying hardware