Recruit, manage, pay, train, care.

HP Defense Personnel Services implement and modernize management information systems supporting personnel administration, pay and pensions, health programs, training, recruitment and benefit programs.

We streamline recruitment from candidate identification through entry into the training pipeline, while also automating training administration from course design to class scheduling and records. We develop analytics to better match interests, skills and requirements for improved service member success rates. We consolidate defense personnel systems to eliminate duplication and enable better integration of personnel processes across multiple services and our solutions provide any time access to information.

HP Defense Personnel Services help organizations improve visibility of resource availability and improve military life for individual service personnel and their families, all while reducing administrative costs.

The transformation of defense organizations to overcome modern day personnel challenges requires improved recruitment selection, planned training activities and modern military personnel management techniques. At the same time, defense organizations must balance costs against the demands of funding procurements and front-line combat operations.

Military personnel systems must adapt to changing requirements and procedures: how people are recruited, deployed, re-deployed, trained and re-skilled, and compensated.

Today, military organizations struggle with multiple, non-integrated and non-interoperable personnel systems that stop them from achieving efficiencies, cost savings and better management of personnel. Systems and the management information they produce are optimized for the institutional administration of personnel and tend to under serve deployed or functional commanders’ requirements. Transformation enables coherent personnel policies, improves visibility of resource availability both at the headquarters and the unit level, and reduces administration costs.

Military personnel management—recruitment, training, pay and benefits, force and career management and health

HP Defense Personnel Services consolidate, update or replace existing personnel administration systems to create an integrated, interoperable and cost-effective personnel management environment. Our solutions enhance both enterprise-wide personnel systems and the functional areas within military personnel administration. Our services improve:

  • Career personnel data and force management
  • Pay, pensions and benefits programs
  • Recruitment and training support
  • Defense Theater accountability
  • Health programs

Comprehensive military personnel solutions plus recognized HP expertise.
HP combines extensive military personnel management transformation experience with a broad technology portfolio to create comprehensive, proven end-to-end solutions.

We bring experience gained through our long-standing engagements with some of the largest and most active defense agencies in the world—the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.K. Ministry of Defence. We created services for them that improve personnel administration and drive down costs. We can help you achieve those results, too.