Get more from your existing investments

Add value to your HP investments with services that wrap our core infrastructure, storage, and software offerings.

Keep it simple

Design, deploy, and support storage products and solutions to simplify your infrastructure.

Safely transfer your data

Migrate critical business data to new storage technologies with speed and confidence.

Stay focused on the big picture

Integrate technologies to advance your business objectives in a holistic way.

Be capital efficient

Enhance your archiving, analytical search, backup, and recovery capabilities from storage services that rein in costs and reduce risk.

We used to have to allocate storage at the disk level, which meant we were always guessing at what we were going to need. With HP 3PAR, you pick your LUN, drop it into a host group, and you’re off and running.

— Eric Spille, IT Manager, The Bama CompaniesRead case study

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