Whether you are safeguarding small offices, branch offices or large data centers, HP can help you protect and preserve the most important asset of your company—your data. Unlike the fragmented complexity of legacy backup and archive, HP StoreOnce and HP StoreAll share a single architecture to help simplify infrastructure in the face of massive data growth.

Our Backup, Recovery and Archive solutions and our ecosystem partners deliver:

  • Accelerated backup for comprehensive data protection under aggressive SLAs
  • Fast recovery to improve your business resilience and uptime
  • Simplified administration and reduced management costs
  • Reliably secured data assets for long-term retention and compliance needs
  • Comprehensive governance solution for automated data lifecycle management

Read ESG white papers:

‘Multiple Data Protection Solutions’ Does Not Have to Mean ‘Multiple Vendors’ (PDF, 732 KB)

Archive plus Backup, Disk plus Tape (PDF, 618 KB)


Law enforcement office saves time and money with HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and HP StoreOnce centralized backup

“We put in a new HP MSL4048 LTO-5 tape library for long-term archiving, and we’re doing disk-to-disk-to-tape backups using StoreOnce, which allows for quicker backups and brings a huge efficiency increase across the board.”

- Chip Lemons, senior systems/network administrator, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Read the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office case study (PDF, 1.45 PDF)

Backup and Recovery

From HP StoreOnce disk deduplication and backup solutions to economical, durable HP StoreEver tape solutions, HP offers comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions to meet every business need, whether you are a small or midsized business or an enterprise-class data center. Our differentiated backup and recovery solutions offer fast, flexible, federated and economical data protection solutions.



Massive data growth coupled with the need to meet regulatory and governance obligations can overwhelm your organization—especially in an environment where IT budgets are declining. HP intelligent archiving solutions including HP StoreAll Storage help you not only improve storage efficiencies and meet governance requirements but also deliver insights from storage information. The result? You can make better-informed business decisions.



Whether you’re looking to scale from entry-level workgroups to enterprise-level data centers, the HP Data Agile Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA) Compatibility Matrix has the information you need to design data protection solutions with HP StoreOnce Backup, HP StoreEver Tape and HP StoreAll Storage. Also look for white papers and design guides documenting fully certified data protection and archive solutions built with HP storage products and market-leading ISV applications.


HP AllianceOne Data Agile Partner Program

HP is dedicated to providing you with a rich portfolio of BURA solutions. The HP Data Agile Partner Program offers partners a programmatic framework to self-certify application interoperability across the complete portfolio, including HP StoreOnce Backup, HP StoreAll Storage and HP StoreEver Tape. Through this program, partners learn about our BURA portfolio, test and certify applications in a dedicated HP lab environment and take advantage of unique marketing opportunities. Program members also have access to specialized trainings and technical assistance.


Data is the backbone of your organization. No matter the industry or size, reliable data access is essential to your continued business operations. HP Backup and Recovery Solutions deliver comprehensive data protection no matter the size of your business—from virtual-to-physical environments and short-to-long-term retention.

Are you facing these challenges?

  • The backup challenge—too much data, too little time to protect it
  • The restore challenge— business disruption caused by slow recovery
  • The remote/branch office protection challenge—unreliable and inconsistent protection posing risk
  • The IT operations challenge—do more with less time, budget and staff
  • The disaster recovery challenge—implement a simple, proven and cost-effective solution
  • The retention and compliance challenge—economical, durable and reliable solution to meet compliance requirements
HP Backup and Recovery solutions can help:
  • Reduce risk and business downtime with industry-leading performance
  • Centralize remote office data protection for simplified administration
  • Balance performance, cost and retention period needs to meet compliance needs
  • Lower capital and operational expenditure

Watch to learn more: HP StoreOnce Disk backup and HP StoreEver Tape – Delivering best of both worlds (3:45 min)


University benefits from simplified backup with HP StoreOnce

“With our new HP backup solution, we have consolidated all of our data onto a one disk system. This is much more cost-effective and manageable for us. We have also been able to significantly accelerate our data backups, allowing us to reduce our backup time. Thanks to virtualisation, we now have the flexibility to break down the backups into smaller chunks.”
– Ronny Zimmermann, Research Associate, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Faculty of Computer Science

Case studies

Solutions for Data Protection


Industry’s only federated backup solution—HP StoreOnce, HP Data Protector and StoreOnce Catalyst

The industry’s only federated backup solution brings you backup performance up to 139 TB/hour with failover autonomic restart. Scale-up and scale-out architecture delivers up to 2.24PB raw capacity. Together, HP StoreOnce and Data Protector let you implement solutions according to your business recovery requirements, not your vendor’s technical limitations.

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Comprehensive data protection and long-term retention with HP StoreEver

Store data on tapes for decades with HP StoreEver solutions. With the broadest and most advanced portfolio in the industry, HP StoreEver includes support for LTO, tape media, standalone tape drives and tape libraries. Technology advances include Tape Assure to monitor media health with alerts about physical corruptions plus tape encryption for security.

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Data protection solutions for business-critical applications


Protecting Oracle Deployments with HP StoreOnce

In today’s business environment, you rely on the most efficient, high performing, and reliable backup systems for your Oracle databases. HP StoreOnce Backup systems provide a disk-based data protection platform while addressing data growth by applying deduplication software for efficient, longer-term data retention.

Technical papers

Protecting Microsoft Exchange Deployments

Protecting the information and communications stored in your Exchange environment is critical. The growing volume of emails makes it difficult to rapidly backup and restore data. Be confident that your Exchange data is protected with HP solutions that combine tape and disk technologies with efficient backup software to provide a unified and automated backup and recovery.

Protecting Microsoft SharePoint Deployments

Microsoft SharePoint can significantly ease the burden of information management while boosting productivity and collaboration. To get the most from SharePoint, you need the right storage infrastructure. With HP Converged Storage, you can optimize storage utilization, protect data with agile backup and recovery and manage workloads with ease.

Protecting SAP and SAP HANA deployments

HP StoreOnce and Data Protector deliver the highest performance, most reliable protection and expedited recovery for SAP and HANA environments. The HP Storage solutions are certified by SAP and take risks out of deployment. HP StoreEver is designed to optimize the long-term retention of your backups, keeping them secure, durable and affordable.

Case studies

Backup and Recovery Solutions for HP ConvergedSystem


Solutions for one system delivering your ITaaS vision

With 24x7 operations, exponential data growth and zero tolerance for application downtime, you’re under pressure to meet backup SLAs. Managing the backup and recovery of hundreds—if not thousands—of VMs requires a new approach. HP Backup and Recovery solutions for HP ConvergedSystem provide turnkey data protection to ensure applications are safe.

Solutions for HP Cloud Backup Service Ready Solutions


Eliminate need for dedicated backup infrastructures and specialized IT resources

Whether you’re providing public cloud-based services or traditional hosting/managed services, your backup solution needs to be scalable, offer comprehensive OS and application coverage, and support multiple platforms. Broadening your service offerings to include HP Cloud Backup Ready Solution gives customers new alternatives.

Solutions from HP and Bridgehead Software

BridgeHead’s MEDITECH ISB and IDR Backup software, combined with HP Converged Medical Infrastructure, helps hospitals ensure their data remains available all the time—even during unforeseen disasters, system failures and data corruption events. BridgeHead Health care management software integrated with HP StoreOnce Catalyst delivers the highest backup performance and recovery to ensure patient care data is completely protected.

Case studies

Solutions from HP and Commvault

Modern data centers require scalable and intelligent data protection. The combination of HP Storage and CommVault Simpana is tailored to deliver optimal data protection and to enable you to get most out of your data protection investment. The HP 3PAR StoreServ integration with CommVault Simpana IntelliSnap Recovery Manager (IRM) is designed to provide application consistent snapshot protection for rapid data recovery HP StoreOnce Backup provides deduplication solutions that are optimized for CommVault Simpana to deliver unprecedented space efficiencies as well as fast backup and recoveries for comprehensive data protection.

Solutions from HP and Symantec

HP and Symantec have a long-standing engineering partnership delivering modern data protection solutions. HP is a certified partner for both StoreOnce and StoreEver solutions with Symantec. The tight integration of HP StoreOnce Catalyst with Open Storage Technology (OST) provides Symantec NetBackup and BackupExec administrators with advanced capabilities – accelerated backup and faster restores, federated deduplication, flexible disaster recovery deployments and automated backup data lifecycle management.

Technical papers

Solutions from HP and Veeam

HP and Veeam partner to modernize data protection for virtualized environments. Integration of HP 3PAR StoreServ, StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and StoreEver with Veeam Backup and Replication gives you dramatic improvements in Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and accelerated protection of virtualized environments.

Technical papers:

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Suggested Products

Challenges to solve Recommendation
Starting Out
Complex, manual backup now; no dedicated staff; limited budget; data protection not a proactive priority
HP StoreEver LTO Tape Drives
Cost-effective, durable archiving with proven reliability and advanced technology.
Building Momentum
Protection of multiple servers adds to complexity; downtime impacts business productivity; greater need to retain backups for compliance; increased risk management
HP StoreOnce 2000 Series
High-performance, disk-based data protection with deduplication technology to lower costs and backup storage footprint by 95%.* 

HP StoreOnce VSA
Hardware agnostic and hypervisor independent (currently VMware only) deduplication software delivered as a virtual appliance. 

HP StoreEver Tape Autoloader
Cost-effective, easy-to-install, automated tape storage.
Business Expansion
Growth creates backup window challenges; remote site backup issues; data restores in back office cause productivity loss; DR complex, slow and expensive; backup solution deployment at remote sites drive up CAPEX/OPEX costs
HP StoreOnce 4000 Series
High-performance, disk-based data protection with deduplication technology to lower costs and backup storage footprint by 95%.* Appliance provides larger-capacity central office protection and a target for a secondary copy of your remote data backups.

HP StoreOnce VSA
Hardware agnostic and hypervisor independent (currently VMware only) deduplication software delivered as a virtual appliance.

HP StoreEver MSL 2024/4048 Tape Libraries
Unattended backup, data recovery and archive solution with web-based remote management.
Managing Growth
High data growth impacts application SLAs; virtualized data centers need reliable, available data protection; multiple backup solutions drive up management complexity and OPEX costs; inconsistent data protection for remote and branch offices

HP StoreOnce 6000 Series 
High-performance, scale-out disk-based data protection with deduplication technology to lower costs and backup storage footprint by 95%.* This appliance brings large capacity to central office protection and provides a target for a secondary copy of your remote data backups. Enterprise-grade highly available backup target for guaranteed backups.

HP StoreOnce VSA
Hardware agnostic and hypervisor independent (currently VMware only) deduplication software delivered as a virtual appliance.

HP StoreEver MSL 6480 Tape
Powerful combination of scalability, affordability, reliability and ease-of-use specifically designed to help your midsize business meet both your short-term data protection and long-term archiving requirements.

Agile Enterprise
New business models for virtualization, cloud and big data; big data backups; high cost of remote office protection; balancing DR strategy with skyrocketing infrastructure costs; affordable long-term retention to meet compliance needs
HP StoreOnce 6000 Series
High-performance, scale-out disk-based data protection with deduplication technology to lower costs and backup storage footprint by 95%.* This appliance brings large capacity to central office protection and provides a target for a secondary copy of your remote data backups. Enterprise-grade highly available backup target for guaranteed backups.

HP StoreOnce VSA
Hardware agnostic and hypervisor independent (currently VMware only) deduplication software delivered as a virtual appliance.

HP StoreEver ESL-G3 Tape Libraries
Highly scalable, exceptionally manageable enterprise-class tape libraries deliver data security for compliance, durability and longevity for archiving.

* As compared to a fully hydrated backup. Part of the HP StoreOnce Get Protected Guarantee and subject to the assumptions and compliance with the conditions set out in the Get Protected Guarantee Terms and Conditions. Ask your HP representative or HP partner for details.


Is the data explosion coupled with regulatory retention requirements triggering runaway IT spend on storage for your organization? HP intelligent archiving solutions can lower the overall total cost of ownership of storage, implement governance policies aligned with business needs and extract value from data faster for informed business decisions.

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Increased spend on primary storage with data growth
  • Uncontrolled retention resulting in unsustainable storage costs
  • Performance degradation plus service-level and availability issues
  • Disparate storage silos with increasing management complexity
  • Legacy and stale data resulting in CAPEX and OPEX overhead

HP storage solutions can help:

  • Optimize storage usage, reduce cost and align data retention to suit business needs
  • Meet compliance and governance needs through automated data classification and defensible disposition
  • Harness the value of archive data to accelerate time-to-value of business insights and informed decisions
  • Future proof solutions to be scalable and modular to meet current and future needs
  • Drive down the economics of long-term retention with the best-of-breed disk, tape and archive software solutions

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Hospital relies on HP StoreAll Storage to handle increasing number of medical images

“We are facing an explosion in the number and size of medical images that need to be archived. Also, our directors and many doctors want us to become a digital, paperless hospital. This all amounts to a big storage challenge and HP StoreAll 9000 has provided the ideal solution.”

– Johan Konings, IT infrastructure manager, Clinique Saint-Jean

Case studies

HP intelligent archiving with HP StoreAll Storage

HP ControlPoint, HP’s leading information management software, together with HP StoreAll Storage, delivers the first integrated policy-based retention management platform that provides an end-to-end solution comprising both hardware and software. Identify, analyze, classify, and retain all content types with this secure archival storage solution and gain control of increasing storage costs, data center inefficiencies, and compliance risks.

HP Consolidated Archive with HP StoreAll solutions increase storage efficiencies by storing data on the right tier of storage based on business value, automating retention and disposition of data to meet corporate compliance and accelerating the availability of information for more informed decision making.

Technical Papers

Archiving Solutions with HP StoreAll and Symantec Enterprise Vault

Information retention policies are not only essential for corporate governance and compliance. They are equally important for streamlining day-to-day business operations. HP StoreAll and Symantec Enterprise Vault solutions help you regain control of information, streamline compliance and deliver storage efficiencies.

Technical Papers

Multi-tiered Archiving Solutions with HP StoreAll, StoreEver and CommVault Simpana

HP and CommVault partner to deliver a multi-tiered archiving solution that gives you the best of both worlds – disk and tape. With a unique solution comprised of StoreAll, StoreEver and CommVault Simpana, we provide a tiered archiving solution that addresses both your cost and performance needs.

High-capacity, cost-effective LTFS-based active archiving with HP StoreEver and QStar

HP and QStar deliver tape-as-NAS-archive that combines the availability and accessibility of NAS with the low operating cost and long retention times of tape. QStar Archive Manager provides a NAS-like connection to HP StoreEver Tape Libraries—enabling a simple, low cost, and reliable method of writing and retrieving archived data.

Technical Papers

Compliance archiving solutions with HP Storage and iTernity iCAS

iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an open and flexible long-term archiving solution for securing and protecting your organization’s data. Sitting between over 60 different ISV archive applications and StoreAll or StoreEasy Storage, iCAS prevents your data from being manipulated or deleted and provides for greater security and capacity savings with the option to encrypt and compress data.

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Archiving solutions with HP Storage and Quantum

HP partners with Quantum on its storage data management software, StorNext, to bring you high-performance data sharing and intelligent archiving that is compatible with an industry leading range of operating systems, server platforms and storage devices. Quantum is an HP Platinum-level member of the Information Management and Storage Partner Program.

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