Heterogeneous, cost-effective and adaptable products

HP’s Virtualization Management offers a variety of products that deliver fast time to value and help IT operations teams increase performance visibility, reduce operational costs and maximize system utilization. We offer FREE Tools, not just trials, so you can download and see benefits in minutes.

HP SiteScope is an agentless performance and availability monitoring tool that supports a wide range of hypervisors and cloud systems, including AWS and HP Cloud Service Automation.

HP Operations Smart Plug-in (SPI) for Virtualization offers preconfigured policies, data collectors, reports, and tools for monitoring the virtualized environment.

HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV) helps visualize performance data for elements in the context of each other to rapidly diagnose bottlenecks. It supports VMware™, Hyper-V™, OpenStack™, and HP application platform as a service (PaaS).

HP Service Health Optimizer (SHO) is a virtual machine (VM) placement and optimization tool. It enables correlation of server utilizations with end-user response time measurements to provide more accurate capacity planning.


Key benefits

  • Quick time to value – see benefits in minutes from the start of installation
  • Easy to use with intuitive dashboards, graphs and reporting
  • Foresee capacity issues and identify under / over utilized systems
  • Operational and status report for performance, uptime and distribution analysis
  • Integrates with HP's BSM and cloud solutions to deliver long-term benefits

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