Collaboration between security and IT operations

If your security management and IT operations are handled by separate teams, you’re probably seeing redundant, inefficient handling of security vulnerabilities. The HP Unified Security and IT Operations solution can solve this problem by automating information sharing between teams and automating the correlation of security-related and performance-related events. By integrating tools for managing data, by unifying reporting and analysis, and by consolidating data gathered by both teams, it can reduce your security risk and improve compliance.

Key benefits

  • Consolidate security management and operational events onto a single pane of glass
  • Make sure infrastructure changes don’t introduce security vulnerabilities
  • Combine security, risk and compliance data on a single dashboard
  • Unify search, reporting, analysis and event and log data storage
  • Optimize resources by sharing tools, knowledge and expertise

Video Demo: Bringing it all together: See, Understand, Act

HP Software enables IT professionals to “see” what’s going on throughout their IT operations, “understand” the significance of the information – by sifting through vast volumes of information to find the “golden nuggets” – and “act” on that information to create business rules that defend against similar occurrences in the future.

Bringing it all together

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