HP Imaging & Printing Price List – December – 2011

PL 8A - Personal Lasers - Mono
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE456A LJ P2055319
CE457A LJ P2055D366
CE461A LJ P2035267
CE462A LJ P2035N343
CE459A LJ P2055DN486
PL 2B - Personal Lasers - Mono
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE651A LJ P1102138
CE657A LJ P1102W164
CE663A P1566203
CE749A P1606DN291
PL PQ - Workgroup Mono LaserJet
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE525A P3015573
CE526A  P3015d681
CE528A P3015dn886
CE529A P3015x1,022
CB506A LJ P4014974
CB507A LJ P4014N1,328
CB512A LJ P4014dN1,665
CB509A LJ P4015N1,579
CB526A LJ P4015dn1,916
CB511A LJ P4015X2,252
CB514A LJ P4515N2,186
CB516A LJ P4515X2,859
Q7543A LJ 52002,129
Q7545A LJ 5200tn2,829
Q7546A LJ 5200dtn3,189
Q7698A LJ 9040n3,610
Q7699A LJ 9040dn4,120
Q3722A LJ 9050n5,010
Q3723A LJ 9050dn5,597
CE989A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M601n886
CE990A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M601dn1,159
CE991A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M602n1,091
CE992A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M602dn1,364
CE993A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M602x1,705
CE994A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M603n1,364
CE995A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M603dn1,637
CE996A HP LJ Enterprise 600 M603xh2,524
PL LY - Personal Lasers - Color
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CB493A HP CLJ CP2025488
CB494A HP CLJ CP2025n622
CB495A HP CLJ CP2025dn830
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE913A HP LaserJet Pro CP1025201
CE914A HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw257
CE874A HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n279
CE875A HP LaserJet Pro CP1525nw313
CC376A HP Color LaserJet CP1215 Printer264
CC377A HP Color LaserJet CP1515n Printer332
PL AK - Workgroup Color LaserJet
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CC469A HP CLJ CP3525n1,060
CC470A HP CLJ CP3525dn1,293
CC471A HP CLJ CP3525x1,664
CC489A CP4025n1,315
CC490A CP4025dn1,732
CC493A CP4525n1,623
CC494A CP4525dn2,030
CC495A CP4525xh3,925
CE710A CP52251,599
CE711A CP5225n1,714
CE712A CP5225dn1,943
CE707A CP5525n3,040
CE708A CP5525dn3,290
CE709A CP5525xh5,320
Q3931A clj 6015n6,155
Q3932A clj 6015dn6,786
Q3934A clj 6015xh9,469
Q3714A HP Color LaserJet 5550N printer4,502
Q3715A HP Color LaserJet 5550 DN Printer4,794
Q3716A HP Color LaserJet 5550 DTN Printer6,260
Q3717A HP Color LaserJet 5550 HDN Printer7,500
CF081A HP LJ Ent 500 color M551n809
CF082A HP LJ Ent 500 color M551dn1,088
CF083A HP LJ Ent 500 color M551xh1,745
PL MA - Personal Lasers - AiO
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CB532A HP LaserJet M2727nf MFP749
CB533A HP LaserJet M2727nfs MFP969
CB534A HP LaserJet M1522nf499
CC372A HP LaserJet M1522n439
PL T2 - Personal Lasers - AiO
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CC436A HP CM2320nf MFP 20/20 ppm, 160MB, PSCF905
CC435A HP CM2320fxi MFP 20/20ppm, 160MB, PSCF, duplex, Photo Card Slot, tray1,110
CC430A HP Color LaserJet CM1312MFP484
CC431A HP Color LaserJet CM1312nfi MFP622
PL K5 - Personal Lasers - AiO
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE861A HP CLJ Pro CM1415fn415
CE862A HP CLJ Pro CM1415fnw447
CE865A HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175a321
CE866A HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw358
PL 2Q - Personal Lasers - AiO
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CE847A HP LJ M1132 mfp189
CE841A HP LJ M1212nf mfp254
CE844A HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw265
CE538A HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf335
CB536A HP Laserjet M1319f386
CB537A HP LaserJet M1120242
CC459A HP LaserJet M1120n272
CE842A HP LaserJet Pro M1214nfh MFP279
PL 4X - Scanners
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
L2694A ScanJet G241076
L2696A ScanJet G271087
L2698A ScanJet G3110116
L1956A ScanJet G4010164
L1957A ScanJet G4050227
L1910A ScanJet 5590459
L2723A HP ScanJet Professional 3000 630
L2703A ScanJet N6350 Flatbed Network Scanner905
L1942A ScanJet 7650N Network Scanner1,084
L2715A ScanJet 5000 REPLACES sj7800917
L2706A ScanJet 7000 REPLACES sj N77101,304
L2709A ScanJet 7000N Network Scanner4,417
L1975A ScanJet 82701,105
L2725A HP ScanJet Enterprise 7500 1,880
L2683A ScanJet N9120 A3 Flatbed Scanner5,499
L2712A ScanJet 9000 A3 Sheet-feed Scanner5,006
L2722A ScanJet 1000 mobile scanner338
L1912A HP Scanjet 5590P Scanner200
L2689A HP Scanjet N8420 Fltbd Document Scanner1,945
L1960A HP Scanjet 8300 Prof Image Scanner551
L2690A HP Scanjet N8460 Document flatbed scanner2,595
L2700A HP Scanjet N6310 Document Flatbed Scanner690
L2700A HP Scanjet N6310 Document Flatbed Scanner690
PL C5 - LaserJet multifunction Mono
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CB416A LJ M3027 mfp 25ppm A4 mono laser mfp1,733
CB417A LJ M3027x mfp 25ppm A4 mono laser mfp2,415
CB414A LJ M3035 mfp 35ppm mono laser2,688
CB415A LJ M3035x mfp 35ppm mono laser3,360
CB425A LJ M4345 mfp3,518
CB426A LJ M4345x mfp4,620
CB427A LJ M4345xs mfp5,985
Q7829A LJ M5035 mfp 35ppm A3 mono laser4,515
Q7830A LJ M5035x mfp 35ppm A3 mono laser5,408
Q7831A LJ M5035xs mf 35ppm A3 mono laser6,615
Q7840A LJ M5025 mfp 25ppm A3 mono laser3,938
CC394A LJ M9040mfp16,132
CC395A LJ M9050mfp21,093
CE502A HP LJ Enterprise M4555 MFP3,839
CE503A HP LJ Enterprise M4555f MFP5,585
CE504A HP LJ Enterprise M4555fskm MFP7,330
CE738A HP LJ Enterprise M4555h MFP4,367
PL ST - LaserJet multifunction Color
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CC519A Color LJ CM 3530mfp3,600
CC520A Color LJ CM 3530fs mfp4,150
CB480A clj CM4730 mfp5,950
CB481A clj CM4730f mfp6,200
CB482A clj CM4730fsk mfp7,300
CB483A clj CM4730fm mfp7,300
CC419A CM4540 mfp5,870
CC420A CM4540f mfp7,040
CC421A CM4540fskm mfp8,720
CE664A CM6030 MFP11,450
CE665A CM6030f MFP12,950
Q3938A CM6040 MFP13,950
Q3939A CM6040f MFP15,950
PL MC - Digital Sender & DSS Software
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
CB472A digital sender 9250C4,682
T1936AA_UA0 HP DSS 4.0 - 1 device license427
T1936AA_0AD HP DSS 4.0 - 5 device license1,817
T1936AA_0A9 HP DSS 4.0 - 10 device license3,421
T1936AA_0AA HP DSS 4.0 - 50 device license5,881
T1936AA_UD6 HP DSS 4.0 - 250 device license16,037
PL 6A - Network connectivity - Jet Direct - JetDirect External Print Servers
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
J3263G HP JetDirect 300X 10 / 100TX, parallel326
J7942G HP JetDirect EN3700 10 / 100TX , USB329
J8021A HP JetDirect ew2500 USB 2.0 , 10 /100TX, 802.11b/g350
J7983G HP JetDirect 510X 10 / 100TX, 3 parallel393
JetDirect Internal Print Servers - EIO
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
J7934g HP jetdirect 620n eio, 10 / 100tx439
J7997g HP jetdirect 630n eio , ipv6, 10/100/1000tx470
J7961g HP jetdirect 635n eio , ipv6, ipsec, 10/100/1000tx583
J8007g HP jetdirect 690n wireless print server fast ethernet, wireless 802.11b/g583
JetDirect Adaptor Cards & Hard Disk Drive (Internal EIO)
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
J7972G HP 1284b EIO parallel card EIO, parallel110
J6073G HP EIO hard disk, 20GB EIO659
J7989G HP EIO s.ATA hard disk, 40GB EIO599
Long Life Consumables
Product Number Product Description List Price US $
C3914A LJ 8100 PM KIT 110V444
C3915A LJ 8100 PM KIT 220V586
C4154A CLJ 8500/8550 TRANSFER KIT497
C4155A CLJ 8500/8550 110V FUSER KIT402
C4156A CLJ 8500/8550 220V FUSER KIT402
C4197A CLJ 4500 110V FUSER KIT312
C4198A CLJ 4500 220V FUSER KIT312
C8057A 110V LJ4100 PREVENT MAINT547
C8058A 220V LJ4100 PREVENT MAINT459
C9152A LJ 9000 PM KIT 110V622
C9153A LJ 9000 PM KIT 220V622
C9704A PRNT DRUM CLJ 2500213
C9725A CLJ 4600 FUSER KIT 110V364
C9726A CLJ 4600 FUSER KIT 220V364
CB457A CLJ CP5005/CM5045 110V FUSER KIT194
CB458A CLJ CP5005/CM5045 220V FUSER KIT194
CB459A CLJ CP5005/CM5045 T2 ROLLER KIT44
CB463A CLJ CP5005/9505/CM5045 TRNFR KIT292
CE506A HP CLJ CP3520/CM3530 FSR KIT220V281
Q3655A CLJ 3500/3700 FUSER KIT 110V105
Q3656A CLJ 3500/3700 FUSTER KIT 220V105
Q3658A CLJ 3500/3700 TRANSFER KIT119
Q3676A CLJ 4650 FUSER KIT 110V391
Q3677A CLJ 4650 FUSER KIT 220V391
Q3964A PRINT DRUM CLJ2550213
Q3984A CLJ 5550 FUSER KIT 110V272
Q3985A CLJ 5550 FUSER KIT 220V272
Q5421A LJ 4250/4350 110V PM KIT529
Q5422A LJ 4250/4350 220V PM KIT529
Q5997A LJ 4345 MFP ADF PM KIT120
Q5999A LJ 4345 PM KIT 220V362
Q7502A CLJ 4700 110V FUSER KIT327
Q7503A CLJ 4700 220V FUSER KET327
Q7833A LJ M5035 MFP 220V PM KIT429
CE731A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP Product Maintenance Kit 110 volt (225K page yield)363
CE732A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP Product Maintenance Kit 220 volt (225K page yield)363
CE734A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP 1x500-sheet Paper Feeder with Cabinet638
CE735A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP 3x500-sheet Paper Feeder with Stand1,311
CE736A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP 900-sheet 3-bin Stapling Mailbox692
CE737A HP LaserJet M4555 MFP 500 Sheet Paper Feeder358
C3765B Envelope Feeder for HP LaserJet Printers509
C3772A HP LaserJet Staple Cartridges34
C4184A HP LaserJet 8100 Series Media Tray185
C4780A HP LaserJet 8150 2x500 Sheet Input Tray1,055
C4781A 2000 Sheet Input Tray for HP LaserJet1,055
C4783A HP LaserJet 7 Bin Tabletop Mailbox804
C4787A 5 Bin Mailbox with Stapler for LaserJet2,113
C4791A Staples for 3000 Sheet Stapler/Stacker69
C7130B HP CLJ5500/5550 500 Sheet Input Tray583
C7716A HP Scanjet 7400 Series ADF248
C7839A HP Color LaserJet 8550MFP Side HCI1,548
C8053B HP LaserJet 75-sheet Envelope Feeder Lj 4100393
C8054A HP LaserJet 4100 Printer Duplex Assembly376
C8055A HP LaserJet 4100 500 Sheet Feeder339
C8056A HP LaserJet 4100 500 Sheet Tray287
C8091A HP 5000 Staple Cartridge39
C8092A HP 5000-staple Cartridge LJ 9000, LJ 900 MFP,LJ M9040, LJ M905039
C8531A HP 2000 Sheet High Capacity Input Tray1,376
C8532A HP LJ9000 Duplex accessory631
C8568A HP LJ9000 Multipurpose Tray469
C9667A HP printer stand accessory316
C9669B HP Printer Stand Accessory578
C9674A HP color LaserJet 9500n Auto Duplexer568
C9698A 250 Sheet Tray/HP Color LaserJet 2500323
C9699A 500 Sheet Tray/HP Color LaserJet 2500323
C9735A HP Color LaserJet 110V Image Fuser Kit CLJ 5500326
C9736A HP Color LaserJet 220V Image Fuser Kit CLJ 5500326
C9911A HP Scanjet 5550c TMA106
C9937A HP Scanjet 8200 Series 25ppm ADF817
C9939A HP Scanjet SCSI Module49
C9942A HP Scanjet 8200 Series ADF Roller Kit27
C9943A HP ADF Cleaning Cloth Package27
C9943B Automatic document feeder (ADF) cleaning cloth - Package of ten cloths32
CB420A HP 32MB DDR2 144pin SDRAM DIMM270
CB421A HP 64MB DDR2 144pin SDRAM DIMM525
CB422A HP 128MB 144pin SDRAM DIMM699
CB423A HP 256MB DDR2 144pin SDRAM DIMM599
CB473A HP500 sheet paper feeder and cabinet for CP6015756
CB474A HP 3x500 sheet paper feeder for CP60151,893
CB500A HP Color LaserJet 250-sheet Input Tray226
CB518A HP LaserJet 500-sheet Input Tray and Feeder430
CB519A HP LaserJet Automatic Duplexer for Two-sided Printing 430
CB520A HP LaserJet 500-sheet 5-Bin Mailbox738
CB521A HP LaserJet 500-sheet Stacker 387
CB522A HP LaserJet 500-sheet Stapler/Stacker830
CB523A HP LaserJet 1,500-sheet High Capacity Input Tray924
CB524A HP LaserJet 75-sheet Envelope Feeder 580
CB525A HP LaserJet Printer Stand 553
CB527A HP LaserJet 400 sheet Custom Media Tray279
CC383A HP Color LaserJet CM6000 Stapler Cartridge for Booklet Maker24
CC409A HP 128 MB DDR2 200-pin DIMM840
CC410A HP 256 MB DDR2 200-pin DIMM875
CC411A HP 512 MB DDR2 200-pin DIMM849
CC412A HP 1GB DDR2 200-pin DIMM1,260
CC413A HP 64MB DDR2 144pin x32 DIMM525
CC414A HP 128MB DDR2 144pin x32 DIMM840
CC415A HP 256MB DDR2 144pin x32 DIMM875
CC422A 500 sheet input tray for HP CLJ Enterprise CP4520 printer series524
CC423A HP Color LaserJet 3x500-sheet Paper Feeder and Stand 1,370
CC424A HP 900-sheet 3-bin Stapling Mailbox 680
CC425A HP Color LaserJet 500-sheet Paper Tray 420
CC450A HP 256MB 100Mhz 100pin SDRAM DIMM875
CC487A HP Laserjet Analog Fax Accessory 500550
CC497A HP CP3520/CM3530 10x15cm Media Insert Tray48
CC516A HP Color LaserJet CM6000 MFP Booklet Maker5,000
CC517A HP Color LaserJet CM6000 MFP Stapler / Stacker3,500
CC521A HP LaserJet Printer Cabinet418
CE246A HP Color LaserJet 110V fuser kit 371
CE247A HP Color LaserJet 220 volt fuser kit 371
CE249A HP Color LaserJet CP4025/CP4525 transfer kit312
CE265A HP Color LaserJet Toner Collection Unit 20
CE464A sheet paper tray for P2055135
CE466A HP 256 MB, 200-pin x32 DDR2 DIMM840
CE467A HP 512MB, 200-pin x32 DDR2 DIMM849
CE483A HP 512MB DDR2 144pin x32 DIMM849
CE484A HP CP3520/CM3530 series 110 Volt Preventative Maintenance Kit281
CE522A HP 500-sheet Paper and Heavy Media Tray578
CE860A 500 sheet input tray for HP CLJ Professional CP5220 printer series430
CE977A HP Color LaserJet 110V fuser kit for CLJ CP5525 350
CE978A HP Color LaserJet 220V fuser kit for CLJ CP5525 350
CE979A HP Color LaserJet transfer kit for CLJ CP5525 310
CE980A HP Color LaserJet Toner Collection Unit for CLJ CP5525 30
J8018A HP High Performance Secure Hard Disc 715
J8019A HP High Performance Secure EIO Hard Disc 825
L1911A HP Scanjet Automatic Document Feeder306
L1966A HP Scanjet 8350 ADF1,367
L1969A HP Scanjet 8300 Series ADF Roller Kit23
L1969B SJ 8300 series roller replacement kit30
L1977A HP Scanjet 8270 SCSI Module69
L1982A HP Scanjet 7800 Series ADF Roller Kit27
L1982B SJ 7800/N6010 roller replacement kit30
L1991A HP Scanjet N7710 ADF Roller Rplcmnt Kit27
L1991B SJ N7710 roller replacement kit30
L2685A HP Scanjet N9120 ADF Roller Replacement Kit86
L2686A HP Scanjet N9120 ADF Separation Pad Kit38
L2701A SJ N6310 ADF roller replacement kit43
L2707A SJ 5000 and 7000 ADF roller replacement kit30
L2710A sj7000n Keyboard91
L2713A ADF Roller Replacement Kit32
Q1865A HP LaserJet 5100 250-sheet feeder277
Q1891A HP 2000 Sheet Side High Capacity Input1,950
Q2438B 75 Sheet Envelope Feeder432
Q2439B HP automatic duplex unit376
Q2440B 500 Sheet Paper Feeder and Tray339
Q2442B HP 500-sheet stacker241
Q2443B HP 500 Sheet Stapler Stacker528
Q2444B 1500 sheet High Capacity Input Tray596
Q2445B Printer Stand with Storage Cabinet537
Q2485A 250 Sheet Paper Tray for LJ 1300210
Q3216A HP 1000-staples cartridge26
Q3674A HP 2 x 500 sheet feeder859
Q3701A HP LaserJet MFP Analog 300 Fax Accessory331
Q3710A 500 sheet paper tray -HP CLJ 2550 series377
Q3952A HP CLJ2820 AiO 250 Sheet Paper Tray197
Q5691A HP 500-sheet stapler/stacker570
Q5692A HP 3 bin mailbox422
Q5968A HP LaserJet 4345MFP 500-Sheet Feeder398
Q5969A HP LaserJet 4345MFP Duplexer499
Q5970A HP LJ 4345MFP stand w/ storage cabinet785
Q5985A HP CLJ3000/3600/3800 500 Sheet Tray506
Q5998A HP LaserJet 4345MFP 110v maintenance kit398
Q6275A HP USB Network Print Adapter81
Q6496A HP LaserJet 4345MFP ADF mylar sheets24
Q6998A HP 3 Bin stapler/stacker for CP60152,524
Q6999A HP booklet maker/finisher for CP60153,787
Q7003A HP 750-Sheet Stapler Stacker688
Q7432A HP Staple Cartridge Pack39
Q7499A HP 500 Sheet Paper Feeder480
Q7501A HP Color LaserJet Printer Stand480
Q7521A HP 500 Sheet Stapler Stacker&Bridge Unit1,400
Q7523A HP 3 Bin Mailbox & Bridge Unit1,400
Q7548A HP 500 Sheet Input Tray462
Q7549A HP LaserJet Auto Duplex Accessory637
Q7556A HP 250-Sheet Input Tray190
Q7557A HP 128MB 167MHz 200pin DDR DIMM840
Q7558A HP 256MB 167MHz 200pin DDR DIMM599
Q7707A HP 32MB 100 MHz Synchronous DRAM DIMM270
Q7708A HP 64MB 100MHz Synchronous DRAM DIMM525
Q7709A HP 128MB 100 MHz Synchronous DRAM DIMM840
Q7711A HP 128 MB 168Pin SDRAM DIMM699
Q7713A HP 32MB 100Pin DDR DIMM270
Q7715A HP 64MB 100Pin DDR DIMM525
Q7718A HP 128MB 100Pin DDR DIMM840
Q7719A HP 256MB 100Pin DDR DIMM840
Q7720A HP 512MB 100Pin DDR DIMM849
Q7721A HP 128MB DDR 200Pin SDRAM DIMM840
Q7722A HP 256MB DDR 200Pin SDRAM DIMM875
Q7723A HP 512MB DDR 200Pin SDRAM DIMM849
Q7795A HP Spectrophotometer Solution2,243
Q7817A HP LaserJet 500 Sheet Accessory Tray195
Q7834A HP Lj M5035 1-tray Cabinet555
Q7835A HP Lj M5035 3-tray Cabinet1,238
Q7842A HP M5035 MFP ADF PM Kit127
CE248A HP LaserJet MFP ADF Maintenance Kit120
CD634A HP High Value Prod D/D Delivery SVC778
CD635A HP High Value Prod Inside Delivery SVC1,100
J7951G HP Jetdirect Wireless Print Server299
C4788A HP 3000 Sheet Stapler/Stacker2,188
C4103A HP Fast Infrared Connect92
C4789A Power Box Upgrade Kit138
CE530A HP LJ 500-sheet Feeder/Tray186
CE981A HP Hardware Integration Pocket Cable17
L2718A HP 100 ADF Roller Replacement Kit32
L2724A HP Scanjet Pro 3000 ADF Rllr Rplcmnt Kit32
Q7832A HP Lj M5035 MFP 110V PM Kit429
C8084A HP 3000 Sheet Stacker for LJ 9000 Series3,191
C8085A HP 3000 Sheet Stapler / Stacker3,565
C8088B HP multifunction finisher4,353
Q3220A HP 3000 Sheet Multifunction Finisher7,807
Q3228A HP Automatic Document Feeder2,092
Q3639A HP Print Kit Unit2,795
Q3641A HP 3-Pack Staples105
Q3642A HP Copy Controller Hard Drive1,085
Q3690A HP 4 Hole Punch Kit1,043
Q3691A HP 4-Hole Swedish Punch Kit1,036
Q3981A HP Preflight Setup191
Q5685A HP Europe Hole Punch & Z-Fold Unit6,824
Q5693A HP 8-bin mail box (multibin)3,847
Q7433A EFI Embedded Print Controller Kit13,931
Q7435A EFI 256 MB Memory Module824
Q7512A HP LaserJet Toner & Localization Kit143
CF064A HP LaserJet Printer Maintenance Kit 110V 534
CF065A HP LaserJet Printer Maintenance Kit 220V534
CF062A HP LaserJet Auto Duplexer Two Side Pint430
CE998A HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Input Tray Feeder430
CE398A HP LaserJet 1500-Sheet Input Tray924
CE399A HP LaserJet 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder580
CE404A HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Stacker387
CE405A HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Stacker Stapler830
CE997A HP LaserJet 500-Sheet 5-Bin Mailbox738