Hardened security appliances and cryptographic modules

HP Atalla is THE trusted security vendor, with 35+ years of experience in data protection, security and cryptographic performance. HP Payment and Data Security solutions meet the highest government and financial industry standards-including NIST, PCI-DSS and HIPAA/HITECH-protect sensitive data and prevent fraud. HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) and Atalla Network Security Processors (NSP) provide robust security, high performance and transparency while ensuring comprehensive, end-to-end network security.


Key features

  • Market-leading technology and security solutions for electronic payments and transactions
  • Compatibility with custom ATM, POS and EFT applications as well as those from major ISVs
  • Cryptographic hardware that meets government requirements, including FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • High-availability, protected access to business-critical encrypted keys
  • Scalability for multiple data centers, hundreds of clients and millions of keys

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