Keeping pace

In today’s world, your enterprise is demanding increased IT agility, responsiveness, reliability, security, and efficiency. How do you manage these demands while lowering costs?

Just keeping up with maintenance and upgrades consumes most of your resources and capital. You have little left to address much needed innovation and apply technology in a way that will generate meaningful business outcomes.

The cloud offers flexibility and agility to unleash the innovation your business needs for growth.

Cloud solutions deliver on demand capacity for building and testing applications, flexing to meet peak demands of enterprise applications, and enabling rapid deployment of new applications and services to the business. While the cloud offers the promise of lower operating cost, without careful planning and design, it can increase delivery costs or fail to meet business expectations.

Accelerate cloud deployment

As you embrace the cloud, tap into our knowledge and assistance as your experienced and trusted partner. We can guide you through the journey, share best practices and help you adapt as your business evolves. Beyond providing the right technology, we offer skills and expertise to help you face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Advise services deliver insight and education on possible uses for cloud technologies, and identify opportunities to begin your journey. Together we develop cloud strategies that define a high level multi-year roadmap to move from your current state to a future state, detailing opportunities for private cloud, public cloud, managed cloud and traditional environments.


With transformation services, a cloud design is developed— based on a clear cloud strategy— to meet your specific requirements. Applications are assessed and modernized to effectively run in your new environment. Our engineers implement the cloud infrastructure as designed, then migrate data and applications to the new environment. Tools and templated processes are deployed, providing management controls and governance.


Our managed cloud services support your application delivery requirements. Our experts monitor and manage day-to-day operations to ensure secure, consistent delivery and responsive, reliable service. Using a collaborative approach, we continually adjust our services to meet your changing business requirements.


HP Helion Managed Cloud Services Portfolio

We deliver high-quality services consistently around the world by using well-defined and tested processes, extensive automation and an enterprise-grade global infrastructure. We also apply careful governance and controls in integrating cloud services into your existing delivery environment.


Use our infrastructure and networking managed services without the high cost of owning and managing your own equipment or data center. This multi-tenant platform is designed and built for the enterprise, so your high-end applications like SAP and Oracle can be deployed in a secure cloud environment.

Accelerate adoption of managed, dedicated, private clouds using HP resources and Converged Cloud technology to design, build and manage a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for enterprise applications – delivered from our facility or yours.

Provide robust protection of complex IT environments: traditional IT and cloud, midrange and mainframe, data center and workplace, infrastructure and applications, and multiple sourcing models. Improve recovery times and recovery points at costs that are 20% to 65% less than in-house, re-purposed test/development solutions.

Align your application workloads with the right storage solution. We offer block, file, object, and backup services across a hybrid delivery model leveraging capacity As-a-Service when you need it.

HP Mobility and Workplace ApplicationsHP Mobility and Workplace Applications

We enable people and teams to connect and work together. Using Microsoft SharePoint, you can optimize the collaboration benefits through our management expertise and a framework for site administration, site customization, lists and libraries.

We deliver enterprise grade messaging as a service and combine our deep deployment experience with Microsoft Exchange, which is deployed in a highly available architecture with centralized 24x7 monitoring and management for high performance. With managed messaging services, you no longer have to worry about planning for technology refreshes, budgeting for new releases, or having the right skill sets.

We offer cloud-enabled mobile management, simplified user authentication, secure file sharing, and syncing and diversified application access.

These services are built on our comprehensive Unified Communications Services for enterprise clients. We deliver highly available, multiplatform voice and video communication services that simplify and enrich employee interactions, improve business operations and reduce expenditure on traditional telecom services for long distance and conferencing.

Business ApplicationsBusiness Applications

We deliver comprehensive CRM functionality through an HP virtual private cloud on a per-user per-month pricing structure. We offer cloud-enabled data centers around the world to meet specific needs of both commercial and public sector clients. Our cloud solution is a flexible, secure, and cost competitive alternative to on-premises implementations or traditional hosting, and provides the performance, complex back-end integration, and customization not available with most public cloud CRM solutions.

We provide clients the flexibility, cost control and service levels CIOs are demanding as they move their applications to a virtual private cloud model. The combination of our virtual private cloud services, provisioned from our industry-leading data centers throughout the world, and our application management services for Oracle provide you with industry-leading cloud based solutions.

We provide an end-to-end suite of cloud-based services that enable you to make the best decisions for your organization related to deploying production versions of SAP applications. These services are a full and integrated continuum of advisory, transformation and management services that help ensure your journey to the cloud is addressed at every step.

Industry SolutionsIndustry Solutions

The HP Cloud Services Enablement portfolio for Service Providers integrates HP software, hardware, and services to simplify and accelerate the deployment and monetization of cloud services.

We offer cloud-enabled mobile management, simplified user authentication, secure file sharing, and syncing and diversified application access built and managed for the public sector market.

Public Sector infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering that allows government agencies, educational institutions and commercial organizations with ITAR requirements to achieve cloud computing objectives securely and without the hassles of traditional IT sourcing. This enterprise-class cloud is designed for mission-critical workloads and sold through a consumption-based business model.

Designed to meet FedRAMP Moderate, FISMA High, and DISA Enterprise Cloud Service Broker (ECSB) Level 5 security profiles. Our managed private cloud solution meets the high-security and compliance requirements to support your mission-critical workloads.

Cloud Professional ServicesCloud Professional Services

We assist you in determining cloud suitability of your applications, and help you understand the actions you need to take to run your applications in the cloud. This is an essential step in planning the transformation of your application and infrastructure environment. These services are delivered with tools and methods to support the entire applications lifecycle.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of cloud professional services to advise, transform and manage your cloud journey and investment with an end-to-end lifecycle approach, addressing your needs in the areas of people, process and technology. We have the experience, tools and solutions to help you reinvent your business and IT strategy to exploit cloud solutions in order to deliver a superior customer experience and accelerate business outcomes.

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