Flexible and cost effective application management services for SAP environments

The costs and complexities of maintaining mission-critical SAP systems are escalating. Your organization is facing more challenges than ever before— leading to increased costs, more risk and less productivity.

For more than four decades, HP has kept applications up and running for organizations in every industry. SAP Applications Management Services offers a comprehensive suite of applications outsourcing services for your SAP environment. You choose the levels of support for your SAP application portfolio from our comprehensive set of services. The result is a flexible, cost-effective solution tailored to your business objectives and requirements.


SAP Hosting Services

Your applications are vital to achieving your business objectives. However, the costs and complexities of maintaining mission-critical SAP systems are escalating.

Reduce the cost of upgrades, refreshes, maintenance and disaster recovery with HP SAP Hosting Services. We deliver best-in-class hosting solutions that provide high-quality, cost-effective enterprise hosting with the flexibility to tailor precise services to meet your current and future business needs.


Lower TCO Using Our SAP Basis Skills

Highly skilled SAP Basis Administration personnel are knowledge assets, but can be hard to recruit, expensive to train, and difficult to retain. This can cause costs to spiral out of control. Our outsourcing infrastructure hosting and Basis Administration skills can effectively lower your total cost of ownership. The SAP Basis teams’ technical applications support enhances the interoperability of SAP systems.

Maintaining System Efficiencies

Successfully implement SAP solutions as well as manage the operation of business processes with the Run SAP methodology. SAP designed the Run SAP Partner Program to help clients adopt the SAP End-to-End Solution Operations standards for the operation of their SAP solution. HP was one of the first participants in the Run SAP Partner Program. HP has trained and certified Run SAP support engineers to execute best practices and implementation road maps to lower your total cost of ownership.

Use a Cost-Effective Approach

Focus more time on your core business and less time on system outages, security breaches and server downtime. Our approach includes assessment, project management and testing services.