Enhanced and efficient global content delivery

The HP SpeedVideo Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution offers content and service providers an efficient way to distribute content worldwide. SpeedVideo CDN advances existing distribution approaches by extending optimization and management capabilities to components on global and local levels.


Today, technology allows access to information anywhere, anytime and with any device in multimedia format. Communication service providers can meet this demand by adding network storage and using different caching schemes and video CDNs.

The Internet was originally designed for end-to-end host communications; however, it was not optimized for multimedia delivery needs. So for today’s needs for distributing massive amounts of data to millions of end-users, the HP SpeedVideo CDN solution works behind the scenes to fill this network design gap.

The benefits of HP SpeedVideo CDN are:

  • Scalable, fault-tolerant content replication and distribution
  • Easy integration with third-party telecommunications networks
  • Highly-scalable and cost-effective cloud computing architecture
  • Built-in redundancy for uninterrupted service

SpeedVideo CDN offers additional capabilities such as:

  • Transparent and web caching
  • Encoding/transcoding
  • Over-the-top portals
  • Content management portals
  • Inline advertisement solutions