Improved Logistics Performance

HP Defense Logistics Solutions provide expertise and technology to enhance, extend and integrate installed systems and improve processes in:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Systems Lifecycle Management
  • Installation and Critical Infrastructure Management

HP uses a consultative approach working with military organizations and prime contractors to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics operations.

We improve the performance of logistics systems and supply chain management to support deployed forces quicker and at less cost. We shorten the cycle times for supporting military systems. We provide critical infrastructure protection and the green footprint of military installations.

Greater logistics efficiency enhances combat readiness and improves the tooth-to-tail ratio for defense organizations.

Enhance force supply, sustainment and readiness
Governments demand enhanced efficiency and effectiveness from the Armed Forces. However, ongoing deployments put a premium on operations support, improving budget performance, and strengthening projection of forces.

Forces strive to improve the tooth-to-tail ratio—diverting spending from back office support functions to military systems and front-line troops. Nevertheless, all services struggle with a patchwork of IT logistics support systems and applications that are difficult to integrate and interoperate. Systems exist in silos that hide inefficiencies and limit visibility into end-to-end supply chains. Worse, legacy systems and networks are vulnerable to cyber-attacks that threaten to disrupt operations.

Improved technology performance is required.

Making defense logistics technology investments work for you
HP Defense Logistics Solutions provide technology integration and consulting to make IT systems more productive and secure. We break down silos and improve data exchange by transforming and streamlining existing applications to improve business processes and reduce complexities. We implement enhanced cybersecurity solutions to protect systems and data.

Our approach enables improvements in these areas:

  • Logistics supply chain management. We improve the productivity and efficiency of existing applications and we integrate systems to provide better visibility across the entire supply chain to improve use of logistics data.
  • Military systems lifecycle management. We enhance collaboration and communication among development, production and systems support teams. This compresses the time to field, maintain and sustain military systems.
  • Installation management. We automate the control of critical infrastructure to free up resources to be repurposed to higher priority responsibilities.

Why HP?
We bring experience gained through years of collaborative service to the U.S. Department of Defense, U.K. Ministry of Defence and the world's largest commercial industrial activities. We combine that experience with the HP technology portfolio and industry best practices to solve the most complex logistics problems.

We have expertise in resource management, asset visibility with emphasis on analytics, supply chain integrity, cycle time management and command and control. HP operates one of the most efficient supply chains in more than 170 countries. Our experts are at the leading edge of sweeping advances in information and mobile technologies: cybersecurity, sensors, sustainment, service-oriented architecture, cloud computing, mobility and others. We apply technology innovation to defense logistics, and bring that innovation to you.