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HP Benefits - Sweden

Four very good reasons why you should work at HP:

At HP we work in teams. Everyone not only supports and encourages each other, but shares with and learns from each other. With trust and respect at the heart of everything we do, it’s the perfect environment to just let go and contribute the fresh ideas you have.

You’ll receive a competitive salary with bonus opportunities, and one of the best benefits packages around. Outstanding insurance and pension solutions are only some of the attractive benefits on offer.

We recognize how important your spare time is, because the better you feel, the better you’ll perform. So we offer flexible working hours that make it easy for you to achieve a positive balance between time at work and time elsewhere. As an incentive to make the most of your time away from us, we offer subsidies for spare time activities, such as going to the gym, and arrange fun after-hours activities for staff.

To work at HP means to experience new challenges and never-ending development. We want you to grow with us, so it’s only natural that we should offer a wide range of development opportunities for both your professional and personal life.